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Cole assembles the mainshaft and rebuilds some synchro hubs

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Bearing, 1st gear, 4 synchro
Sale: $28.45
8/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 33.9500
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Item #: AAU1815 -
  • DIY092519

Beginning in 1968, all 4-synchro boxes had a split needle roller bearing under 1st gear.

Bearing, 2nd-3rd Gears, 4-Synchro, Aftermarket
Price: $26.95
10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM 29.9500
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Item #: AAU1816E -

    Aftermarket version of the split needle roller bearing used under 2nd and 3rd gears in 4 synchros starting in 1968.

    Bearing, layshaft and first motion shaft, 1979-on
    Price: $5.95
    10/7/2019 12:00:00 AM 6.7500
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    Item #: 13H9513 -

      Starting in 1979, the layshaft was revised and a new needle roller bearing was fitted at the first gear end. This bearing is also used on the end of the

      Detent Ball
      Sale: $1.85
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      Item #: BLS0107 -
      • DIY092519

      Detent Ball. 3 & 4 Synchro Gearbox.

      Detent Spring, Synchonizer Hub, 4 sync
      Sale: $3.09
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      Item #: 22G2262 -
      • DIY092519

      Detent Spring inside of synchro hubs in 4-synchro gearbox. Use six (6) per gearbox. Sold each.

      Synchronizer (Baulk) Ring, CNC to Orginal Specs
      Price: $24.95
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      Item #: 22G2033HP -

        Transmission synchro ring as used from 1963-on. CNC-grooved for correct shape and machined for concentricity using the original-type fixings to get the correct areas of heat treatment, plus correct degree of angles on specific areas. Aftermarket product made from Rover drawings. Sold each.