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Fan Belt, Alternator or Generator
Price: $8.95
Item #: GCB10825 -

    Fan belt for use with standard small water pump pulley and alternator or generator with small pulley. Made in England.

    Generator Adjusting Link, Used
    Price: $20.00
    Item #: 12H0067-USED -

      Flat metal bar is slotted so the generator can be moved in and out for belt adjustment. Available used only.

      Generator Adjusting Post
      Price: $21.95
      Item #: 2A0128 -

        Mounts to the front engine plate to allow adjustment of the generator and belt.

        Generator Brush Set
        Price: $9.49
        Item #: USB104 -

          Easy to change, the brushes for the C40-1 generator are sold in sets.

          Generator Fan, Reconditioned
          Price: $14.95
          Item #: 17D0011 -

            Reconditioned, original fan to fit Lucas generators.

            Generator Front Bearing
            Price: $13.99
            Item #: UTB100 -

              Excessive belt tension can prematurely damage this bearing.

              Generator Pulley Key
              Price: $0.99
              Item #: WKN0404 -

                Small key to secure the pulley to the shaft of the generator.

                Generator Pulley, 2.75"
                Price: $39.95
                Item #: 12G1054 -

                  You can vary the size of the generator pulley to achieve different levels of output. This is about the smallest, and gives highest charging rate.

                  Generator Rear Bushing
                  Price: $10.95
                  Item #: UTB110 -

                    This bronze bushing is found at the rear of the Lucas C40-1 generator.

                    Generator, Lucas, Rebuilt
                    Price: $149.95
                    Item #: G-2014E -

                      Lucas Generator, rebuilt in the USA. Suitable for positive or negative ground Minis. These are genuine Lucas generators, not the made-in-India replacements. Price includes $40.00 refundable core charge. You

                      Generator, New Aftermarket
                      Price: $129.95
                      Item #: GXE3101 -

                        Brand-new aftermarket reproduction generator. To be used NEGATIVE GROUND only. Sold outright - no exchange necessary.

                        Oversize Generator/Alternator Pulley
                        Retail: $130.00
                        Sale: $67.46
                        Item #: C-AEA535 -

                          This 5" diameter pulley is much larger than the stock ones, so the generator/alternator will rotate more slowly, consuming less power and freeing up the engine. Works fine on a

                          Voltage Regulator
                          Price: $39.95
                          Item #: NCB101 -

                            Also called the contol box, this controls the output of the generator to keep the battery fully charged.