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Cylinder Liner, 1275, AE
Retail: $84.95
Sale: $79.57
Item #: AEG0428 -

    Original AE liner as used by BMC/Rover to restore worn or damaged block. Also known as a sleeve, this fits cylinders in all 1275 motors. Sold each. Machining required to

    Piston Ring Set, AE/Goetze, for one 21253 or 21962 piston
    Retail: $27.50
    Sale: $24.56-$27.50
    8/6/2018 12:00:00 AM 29.5000
    Item #: R41570 -

      Pinston ring set for one (1) individaul piston. Genuine AE rings for popular AE 21253 Mini Cooper S replacement piston or A+ 21962 piston.

      Piston Ring Set, Cosworth, 040
      Retail: $169.95
      Sale: $94.86
      Item #: 4694-COSWORTH -

        Set of Hastings piston rings, custom ground to fit Cosworth pistons. 1275cc +.040.

        Piston Ring Set, for one 20659 1380 Piston
        Price: $36.50
        4/19/2018 12:00:00 AM 45.9500
        Item #: R39390 STD -

          Genuine AE piston ring set for one (1) 20659KR 73.5mm 1380cc piston. Ring sizes: 1.5mm, 1.5mm and 4.00mm.

          Piston Ring Set, One 1380 Omega
          Retail: $32.95
          Sale: $28.01
          Item #: C-STN96 -

            Ring set for 1380cc 73.5mm Mega and Omega piston with 1.2mm top ring ring. Sold in a set of rings for a single piston.

            Piston Ring Set, Total Seal, Special Application 1275 +.040
            Retail: $139.95
            Sale: $83.25
            Item #: SEN0106-40RINGS -

              Total Seal Piston ring set to fit JE 1275cc + 040. Bore size 2.820, ring thicknesses are 1.2mm, 1.2mm, 2.8mm.

              Piston rings, one piston, 3-ring, 998 A+
              Retail: $29.95
              Sale: $22.36-$29.95
              Item #: R43240 -

                Genuine AE/Federal Mogul/Goetze?single piston?ring set for 22463 A+ 998 3-ring pistons. For standard, top two rings are 1.49 mm, oil ring is 3.0 mm. Order 4 for a complete set.

                Piston Rings, for one Mega/Omega piston
                Price: $29.95
                Item #: C-AJJ3379 -

                  Genuine AE-made ring sets to fit Omega and Mini Spares "Mega" pistons, such as C-AJJ3378 and C-AJJ3382. Available in + 020/040/060.

                  Piston Rings, One 21250-21251 piston
                  Retail: $25.00
                  Sale: $11.28-$15.23
                  Item #: R35960 -

                    Genuine AE ring sets for common AE 21251 and far less common AE 21250 pistons. Most experienced mechanics will choose the original manufacturer's piston rings for a re-ring job. We

                    Piston Rings, One Piston, 20754, 20773
                    Retail: $66.29
                    Sale: $24.96
                    Item #: R33636 -

                      Original AE (now Goetze) ring sets for 20754 and 20773 replacement pistons, as typically found in 998cc A+ engines.

                      Piston Rings, One Piston, 998/1098 pre-A+
                      Price: $32.50
                      Item #: R32026 -

                        Original Goetze rings for 20950/20397/20398 piston, as typically found in pre-A+ 998cc and 1098cc engines. Four (4) rings, sold as single piston set.

                        Piston Set, 1275cc + 040, JE, Forged
                        Price: $1,095.00
                        Item #: JE1275 CUSTOM -

                          JE pistons are made in the USA and are suitable for full race applications. Forged. Price includes ring pack, with tapered pin and circlips. 1275 + .040" oversize, flat top.

                          Piston Set, 1275cc, Economy
                          Retail: $250.00
                          Sale: $187.52
                          Item #: 21251E -

                            Economical pistons for road-spec engine rebuilds, available in sizes from standard to .060" over. Sold per set of four (4).

                            Piston Set, 1275cc, JE, Forged, 6 in Rod
                            Price: $1,195.00
                            Item #: SEN0107 040 -

                              JE pistons are made in the USA and are suitable for full race applications. Forged. Price includes our own ring pack, with tapered pin and circlips. Supplied only in .040"

                              Piston Set, 1380, 73.5mm
                              Retail: $599.80
                              Sale: $509.84
                              Item #: 20659KR -

                                These purpose-made "big-bore" AE Hepolite 9cc pistons are ideal for adding displacement and torque to your A-series. Modern 3-ring design, dish-top, 1.4810" compression height; rings and pins included.

                                Piston Set, 1380cc, JE Forged 73.5mm
                                Price: $1,195.00
                                Item #: SEN0108 -

                                  JE pistons are made in the USA and are suitable for full race applications. Forged. Price includes our own ring pack, with tapered pin and circlips. Flat top. Sold by

                                  Piston Set, Big Bore, 1380cc, 73.5mm
                                  Price: $460.00
                                  Item #: C-STR311 -

                                    Made by a name-brand piston manufacturer, and are the perfect start for a road-going high-torque Mini engine. These are a hyper-eutectic cast piston, which means the silicon content is higher than usual, resulting in lower thermal expansion and more stable dimensions.

                                    Piston, 1098, AE/Nural
                                    Retail: $74.95
                                    Sale: $67.46
                                    Item #: 20397V1 -

                                      Dish top, 4-ring piston for 1098cc A-Series engines. Made in the EU by OE manufacturer Nural. As used in Mini Clubman, MG1100 Sedan, and others. Sold each.

                                      Piston, 1275cc, AE/Nural, 8.8:1 CR
                                      Retail: $79.95
                                      Sale: $73.97
                                      Item #: 21251 -

                                        AE dish-top 3-ring piston for road spec 1275 engines. 1.4689" compression height. Equivalent to Spridget, Austin America and 1275GT piston. Quality product from an OEM supplier.?Sold each, rings and pin

                                        Piston, 1275cc, AE/Nural, 9.75 CR, Cooper S
                                        Retail: $99.95
                                        Sale: $89.97
                                        Item #: 21253 -

                                          High compression, dish-top 3-ring 1275cc piston from OEM supplier. Ideal for Cooper S spec 1275cc road engines. Thin-ring low-friction design is stronger than 21251 piston in area of oil control

                                          Piston, 1342cc 72.5 mm Big-bore, 9cc dish
                                          Price: $129.95
                                          Item #: C-STR313B -

                                            Race-quality 72.5 mm piston for 1342cc big-bore engine conversion. Sold each, rings and lightweight pin included.

                                            Piston, 1380cc, AE Mega, 7cc dish top
                                            Retail: $145.00
                                            Sale: $74.96
                                            Item #: C-STR310 -

                                              73.5mm "big bore" piston with 7cc dish. Manufactured in the UK in special double heat-treated aluminum, and features an anti-friction design, modern ring pack, and tapered wrist pin.

                                              Piston, 998, 20528, +.020
                                              Price: $99.00
                                              Item #: ADU3490 020 -

                                                998 flat top piston, 3-ring, circlip type. Piston is marked 20528, Rover part number ADU3490. +.020 oversize, two only.

                                                Piston, 998, Dish Top, AE
                                                Retail: $129.95
                                                Sale: $58.96
                                                10/12/2018 12:00:00 AM 139.9500
                                                Item #: 20773 -

                                                  This AE 4-ring piston gives approximately 8.3:1 CR for road 998 applications. Floating pin design with circlips. Sold each, with rings and pins. See 22463 pistons to fit press-fit rods

                                                  Piston, 998, Flat Top 3-ring
                                                  Price: $79.95
                                                  Item #: 22463 -

                                                    Genuine AE/Federal Mogul/Nural 998cc pistons; these are the OEM 3-ring flat-top pistons giving 10.3 compression. Fit only the later press-fit rods as used from about 1985-on.

                                                    Ring Set JE 1275 +040 1.2 1.5 3.0
                                                    Retail: $120.00
                                                    Sale: $113.40
                                                    Item #: JE1275-RING -

                                                      Set of 1275 +040 piston rings, made by JE. Ring sizes are 1.2mm. 1.5mm, and 3mm.