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Assorted Upholstery & Accent Products
Price: $32.52-$290.36
Item #: ASST-ACCT -

    Assorted upholstery and interior accent products for the classic Mini and variants

    Boot Board, Carpeted, Single 9 gallon tank
    Price: $130.95
    Item #: CK953 -

      Carpeted boot board that, in conjunction with the boot board bracket kit, will fit any Mini Saloon with the single, 9 gallon tank.

      Boot Board, Carpeted, Single Tank, to 1980
      Price: $130.95
      Item #: CK951 -

        The vast majority of Minis built before 1980 had a single 5.5 gallon petrol tank fitted as standard, with the Cooper models befitting from a carpeted boot board to match the interior carpet set.

        Boot Board, Carpeted, Twin Tanks, 1962-1980
        Price: $130.95
        Item #: CK952 -

          Mini Coopers from 1962 to 1973 had a factory option of fitting an extra petrol tank. This boot board will fit all these models as well as other saloons built before 1980 when a larger petrol tank was introduced.

          Dashboard Trim Panels, 1962-67, Oval Binnacle (DT3021)
          Price: $58.50
          Item #: DT3021 -

            Pair of speedometer trim panels to fit Mk1 Minis with the three instrument speedo binnacle set into the dash.

            Dashboard Trim Panels, 1962-70 Round Binnacle
            Price: $52.95
            Item #: DT3024 -

              Pair of dashboard trim panels that fit on either side of the speedometer. For 1962-1970 Minis fitted with the round binnacle with only the speedometer in the center of the dash.

              Dashboard Trim Panels, 1970-73 Oval Binnacle
              Price: $52.95
              Item #: DT3026 -

                Pair of dashboard trim panels that fit on either side of the speedometer. For 1970-1973 Minis fitted with the oval binnacle with the three clocks in the center of the dash.

                Door Edge Trim, Mk1-Mk2
                Price: $12.95
                Item #: 24A1517 -

                  This simple trim was originally fitted the the inside lip of the Mk1 and Mk2 doors, just below the windows and above the interior door handle.

                  Door Trim Panel, 1976-80, pair
                  Price: $116.95
                  Item #: DP3048 -

                    Pair of door panels for 1976-80 classic Mini roll-up window doors.

                    Door Trim Panel, Mk1 Mk2, Pair
                    Price: $109.95
                    Item #: DP3021 -

                      Interior Door Panel Set, Mk1 / Mk2 Elf-Hornet
                      Price: $130.95
                      Item #: DP3219 -

                        Sliding-glass window door panel set for Mk1 and Mk2 Elf/Hornet. See DP3221 for roll-up window cars.

                        Interior Door Panel Set, Mk3 Elf-Hornet
                        Price: $130.95
                        Item #: DP3221 -

                          Roll-up window door panel set for Mk3 Elf/Hornet. See DP3219 for sliding window cars.

                          Interior Panel Kit, Mk1 / Mk2, 1959-1970
                          Price: $619.95
                          Item #: TK3000 -

                            This 19-piece kit includes: Pair of speedo panels, dash tray liner, pairs of door panels and rear quarter panels, front pocket liners, rear pocket liners, wheel arch covers, door

                            Interior Panel Kit, Mk3, 1970-73 Black
                            Price: $484.95
                            Item #: TK3007 -

                              This thirteen-piece interior panel kit fits Minis with center mount 3-gauge binnacle and roll up windows, with the exact design pattern as original. Kit has the following components: Pair of

                              9-Piece Trim Panel Kit, Monte Carlo, 1970-2000
                              Price: $361.95
                              Item #: TK3042 -

                                This 9-piece interior trim panel kit includes door panels, rear quarter panels, rear pocket liners, wheel arch covers and a rear parcel shelf liner.

                                Interior Door Panel, Monte Carlo Design, 1970-2000
                                Price: $115.95
                                Item #: DP3030 -

                                  A style of door panel based on the design of the Mk1 Cooper. Fits all Minis with wind up windows and embossing the lines into the vinyl material.

                                  Interior Door Panel, Rear Quarter, 1970-1996
                                  Price: $119.95
                                  Item #: WA3032 -

                                    These quarter panels are from our Monte Carlo Range and suit all saloons from 1970 to 1996. Available in a range of colors.

                                    Rear Parcel Shelf, Mk3 - black shown
                                    Price: $55.95
                                    Item #: WA3027 -

                                      Vinyl-covered trim panel to cover the rear parcel shelf, below the rear window. As original on Mk3 Minis 1970-1980.

                                      Seat Back Padding Kit, Mk1
                                      Price: $41.95
                                      Item #: SF666 -

                                        Seat back padding, made from a composition of rubberized horse hair.

                                        SC3010 seat cover kit, solid colors
                                        Price: $1,074.95
                                        Item #: SC3010 -

                                          This six-piece set includes the front seat base and seat-back (squab) covers, as well as the rear base and seat-back covers.