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Adjusting Link, Alternator, Used
Price: $10.00
Item #: 12G2627-USED -

    Curved adjusting link for use with alternator. Used, refurbished.

    Alternator Assembly, Used
    Price: $50.00
    Item #: GXE2211-USED -

      Used A+ alternator assembly, including fan and pulley. Not tested.

      Alternator Bracket, shorty
      Retail: $23.95
      Sale: $21.08
      Item #: FOR084 -

        Special short bracket for the rear of an alternator when longer, non-standard alternator is fitted. See also 12G1053 and FOR079.

        Alternator Bracket, A-series
        Price: $14.95
        Item #: 12G1053 -

          Original bracket for pre-A+ engines to mount the rear of the alternator when converting from a generator to an early Lucas alternator. See also FOR079 and FOR084 brackets.

          Alternator Bracket, aftermarket
          Retail: $24.95
          Sale: $21.96
          Item #: FOR079 -

            Aftermarket version of the rear bracket used to mount an alternator in the earlier cars. Fits any A-Series or A+ engine block.

            Alternator Fan, 1969-1975
            Price: $34.95
            Item #: C37222 -

              Stamped steel cooling fan for early alternator with 14mm shaft.

              Alternator Fan, to 1980
              Price: $22.95
              Item #: AAU3956 -

                2.5? diameter fan for alternator used up to 1980; fits 15mm shaft.

                Alternator, Aftermarket
                Price: $109.95
                Item #: LRA100 -

                  Enjoy bolt-on convenience with this alternator package, as the fan and pulley are already in place. Will fit any alternator-equipped Mini except fuel injected models, or use this modern unit

                  Alternator, Compact
                  Price: $339.95
                  Item #: FOR111 -

                    Compact and lightweight alternator assembly, rated at 60 amp. Includes pulley and mounting bracket.

                    Alternator, High Output
                    Price: $139.95
                    Item #: GXE2276 -

                      Minis used this higher output alternator from 1985 on. They are direct bolt-in replacements for alternators used on earlier cars. fan and pulley are included. Sold outright, no core exchange

                      Alternator, Mini, 1996-on MPi (LRB370) Alternator, Mini, 1996-on MPi (LRB370)
                      Price: $199.95
                      Item #: LRB370 -

                        Fitted from 1996-on only, this alternator sits higher than originally, with brackets that will only fit the twin point injection cyl head. Includes pulley that fits the serpentine belt. If

                        Used A+ Alternator Bracket
                        Price: $20.00
                        Item #: CAM4853-USED -

                          Alternator mounting bracket for use on A+ engines. Used.

                          Fan Belt, Alternator
                          Price: $8.95
                          Item #: GCB10813 -

                            Fan belt for use with standard, small water pump pulley and alternator. Made in England.

                            Fan Belt, Alternator or Generator (GCB10825) QBA825, GFB1001, 9.5x825, Fan Belt, Alternator or Generator (GCB10825)
                            Price: $8.95
                            Item #: GCB10825 -

                              Fan belt for use with standard small water pump pulley and alternator or generator with small pulley. Made in England.

                              Oversize Generator/Alternator Pulley
                              Retail: $130.00
                              Sale: $114.40
                              Item #: C-AEA535 -

                                This 5" diameter pulley is much larger than the stock ones, so the generator/alternator will rotate more slowly, consuming less power and freeing up the engine. Works fine on a

                                Plug kit for Alternator
                                Price: $10.95
                                Item #: CYB400 -

                                  Replacement electrical plug kit for alternator. Includes wire terminals and plastic plug. Must be assembled using existing wires.

                                  Regulator, Lucas alternator (UCB100) Regulator, Lucas alternator (UCB100)
                                  Price: $19.95
                                  Item #: UCB100 -

                                    Internal regulator for Lucas and Lucas-copy alternators. Compare yours to photo before ordering. Not returnable, as this part can be damaged by incorrect installation.

                                    Serpentine Belt, 1997-on MPi Mini
                                    Price: $19.95
                                    Item #: GMB50920 -

                                      Serpentine belt for 1997-on MPI Mini. Runs from lower pulley to alternator and water pump. For cars with air conditioning use belt number GMB51005.

                                      Wiring Harness, 1963-67, Mk1 w/ alternator conversion
                                      Price: $449.00
                                      Item #: 325ALT -

                                        For Mk1 Minis 1963-67 retrofitted with an alternator. Not for floor start or Cooper S. Cloth braid wrap.

                                        Wiring Harness for Mk1 Cooper S with Alternator
                                        Price: $449.00
                                        Item #: 326ALT -

                                          Original factory patterns were used to create this wiring harness for the Mk1 Cooper S fitted with alternator.