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Clip, Radiator Fan Switch, SPi
Price: $11.95
Item #: KTP9002 -

    Plastic clip to retain radiator fan switch in SPi Minis only. Should be replaced whenever switch is removed, or risk the switch becoming dislodged.

    Drain Plug, Radiator
    Price: $3.95
    Item #: ARA1618 -

      Original drain plug, for radiators originally equipped with drain. Not for replacement radiators.

      Expansion Tank, MPi
      Price: $134.95
      Item #: PCF101240 -

        Original expansion tank found on MPi Minis only; allows water to run to and from the radiator as it expands and contracts.

        Radiator Drain Tap
        Price: $13.95
        Item #: 88G291 -

          Drain tap to fit very early radiators that have a plug in the bottom tank. Can be professionally installed by a radiator shop into a newer radiator.

          Radiator Fan Switch, Push-In, SPi
          Price: $16.95
          5/16/2018 12:00:00 AM 26.9500
          Item #: GVS104 -

            Fan control switch for SPI Mini radiators. This is the push-in type that fits original factory radiator. Not for C-ARA4443 super 2-core radiator.

            Radiator Fan Switch, Screw-In, SPi
            Price: $38.95
            Item #: C-ARA4445 -

              Special screw-in fan control switch at the bottom of C-ARA4443 super 2-core radiator for 1992-on SPI Mini. For original push-in fan switch see GVS104.

              Radiator Lower Spacer Tube, 1974-on
              Price: $8.95
              Item #: ARP1073 -

                Lower spacer tube for the one-piece radiator cowling as fitted from 1974-on. Poly grommets/bushings CAM4618P sit on this tube to silence radiator rattle.

                Radiator, 2-Core Aluminum
                Price: $219.95
                Item #: SCO0085E -

                  Highly efficient 2-core aluminum radiator to fit Minis from Mk3-1996, including all 1990-on cars, which had the engine moved 1/2" forward.

                  Radiator, 2-Core Heavy Duty
                  Price: $254.95
                  Item #: SCO0080 -

                    This is the radiator designed to fit without modification into Mk1 and Mk2 Minis that still have the metal shroud on the inner fender. The modern, Super 2 UK-made dense

                    Radiator, 3-Core Economy
                    Price: $139.95
                    Item #: SCO0092 -

                      All-copper 3-core radiator featuring an unique array of offset rows; suitable for use with standard road engines in Minis manufactured up to 1990.

                      Radiator, 4-Core High-Capacity
                      Price: $239.95
                      5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 295.95
                      Item #: SCO0081 -

                        Increased coolant capacity is only one benefit of this heavy-duty 4-core radiator. Two rows of two cores are offset to allow maximum airflow and heat dissipation. Due to increased thickness,

                        Radiator, Aluminum, Competition
                        Price: $499.95
                        Item #: SCO0085 -

                          Super cool lightweight aluminum alloy radiator is side mounted for all pre-1990 cars, with the overflow pipe facing rearwards.

                          Radiator, Heavy Duty 3-Core, Road/Race
                          Price: $254.95
                          Item #: ARP1106 -

                            This is one of the best cooling copper radiators available for the classic Mini, due to its very dense fin matrix and highly-efficient 3-core design. Recommended for race or hot-climate street Minis.

                            Radiator, MPi, Front Mount
                            Price: $139.95
                            Item #: GRD974 -

                              The fuel-injected MPi Mini was the only model with a front-mounted radiator. This replacement radiator fits MPi or Twin Point Minis, 1997-2000.

                              Radiator, SPI, Super 2-core, 1992-1996
                              Price: $259.95
                              Item #: C-ARA4443 -

                                This is the super 2-core version of the side radiator for 1992-on SPI cars with the built-in electric fan switch. This one is unique in that the switch fitted is

                                Seal, Radiator Fan Switch, SPi
                                Price: $9.00
                                Item #: CDU2334 -

                                  Rubber seal for the fan switch in the bottom of original SPI Mini radiators. Should be replaced whenever the switch is removed to prevent accidental loss. Not for