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Ball Joint Kit, one side, MG1100, Austin America
Price: $82.50

Item #: GSJ167 -

    Front hub swivel pin kit for one side of the car. Includes one upper and one lower ball joint plus other hardware. Fits both MG1100 and Austin America models. Reliable

    Beveled Washer, Under External Door Hinge, Each
    Price: $2.40

    Item #: 14A7387 -

      Angled washer as used on the upper door hinges, on the long portion only. Fits where the sheet metal curves so that the sheet metal does not distort.

      Bonnet Latch Kit, Mk2, Used
      Price: $75.00

      Item #: ALA6992K -

        The Mk2 bonnet release latch was reached through an opening in the grille; the curved hook made the release easier to reach than on earlier models.

        Clip, Speedometer Cable to Firewall
        Price: $4.95

        Item #: AFU2770 -

          This clip is used to secure the speedometer cable against the firewall, to keep it from touching the exhaust, on all center binnacle Minis 1959-1984.

          Coil to Generator Bracket
          Price: $39.95

          Item #: 12H0051-USED -

            Reconditioned coil mounting strap. On generator equipped cars the coil was mounted on top of the generator by this bracket.

            Collet, Hardy Spicer Outlet
            Retail: $15.95
            Sale: $14.99

            Item #: 88G493 -

              Half-moon collet, locates the end of the output shaft into the Hardy Spicer drive flange, under the rubber seal. Used on early automatics and Cooper S, two (2) required per flange.

              Connecting Rod Set, Cooper S, USED (AEG625-USED) AEG521, AEG0177, AEG177, AEG625
              Price: $399.00

              Item #: AEG625-USED -

                Set of four original connecting rods for 1275 Cooper S engine. 1.625" rod journal. Good USED condition.

                Crankshaft, 1275/Cooper S, Used
                Retail: $1,995.00
                Sale: $1,695.97

                Item #: AEG315 -

                  Austin or Morris 1275 Cooper S crankshaft, casting number AEG316; forged from EN40B, nitrided. Used.

                  Door Edge Trim, Mk1-Mk2
                  Price: $12.95

                  Item #: 24A1517 -

                    This simple trim was originally fitted the the inside lip of the Mk1 and Mk2 doors, just below the windows and above the interior door handle.

                    Door Opening Links, Innocenti, Used
                    Price: $99.95

                    Item #: INNO-1 -

                      Pair of door opening links for roll-up window Innocenti Mini. Used condition; one (1) pair only available.

                      Drive Flange, 850cc, to 1961 (2A4244) clearance, Drive Flange, 850cc, to 1961, Drive Flange, 850cc, to 1961 (2A4244)
                      Price: $59.95

                      Item #: 2A4244 -

                        Very early 850s used a CV and drive flange with only 18 splines, compared to 19 on all later ones. If you need an early CV, you're out of luck,

                        Drive Gear, Single Speed Wiper
                        Price: $119.00

                        Item #: WGB227 -

                          Wiper gear and shaft for 1-speed wiper motor, 120 degree sweep. Lucas number 54702585.

                          Engine Block Drain Bolt
                          Price: $14.95

                          Item #: 53K2853 -

                            Fitted to the rear of engine block to drain out water. Reproduction.

                            First Gear Slider Assembly, Cone Synchro
                            Price: $125.00

                            Item #: 22A433 -

                              First & second gear slider and hub assembly for 3-synchro cone sychro transmission. Used on 1959-62 850 Mini and 1961 & 1962 997 Mini Cooper. New Old Stock.

                              First motion shaft (gear), early 3-synchro, straight-cut, 20 teeth
                              Retail: $150.00
                              Sale: $74.77

                              Item #: C-22G427 -

                                Early Special Tuning straight-cut first motion shaft for 3-synchro transmission. This gear has 20 teeth. New-old stock, some in original boxes.

                                Fresh Air Intake Hose, Mk1 Mk2, non-S
                                Price: $59.95

                                Item #: 24A1256 -

                                  45" length of special 4" diameter tubing, vinyl covered inside and outside.

                                  Fresh Air Intake Kit, Mk1-2 Cooper S
                                  Price: $99.95

                                  Item #: SCO0024 -

                                    Kit includes the reducer that fits behind the grill, the hose, the adapter at the firewall to bring the hose back to the original size, and correct wire clamps.

                                    Front Number Plate Brackets, Mk1 Mk2, Pair
                                    Price: $22.95

                                    Item #: 14A7242KIT -

                                      A pair of proper license plate mount brackets to fit the front panel. Even the current Heritage front panel 14A8308 for early cars does not have the correct license plate

                                      Front Wheel Bearing, to 1962
                                      Price: $55.95

                                      Item #: 13H0107 -

                                        The earliest Minis with drum front brakes used a unique front wheel bearing with 30mm ID. Rarely seen these days, but if you need them, we can

                                        AEG0248-USED - Cooper S Head Bolt
                                        Price: $24.95

                                        Item #: AEG248-USED -

                                          The Cooper S engine is identified in part by having ten (10) head studs and one (1) bolt. The special 5/16" bolt was used on the water pump end, as

                                          Heater Air Duct, Early
                                          Price: $54.95

                                          Item #: 24A1301 -

                                            All metal heater air duct as used on pre-1966 models. It was welded to the engine side of the front panel, and predated the plastic 24A1967 duct introduced in

                                            Horn Push Contact Assembly, Mk1
                                            Price: $199.95

                                            Item #: STR0069 -

                                              Complete horn push kit for the Mk1 steering column. Kit includes brass ring with insulator, push assembly with spring, center wire, etc; fits all 1959-1967 Mk1 Minis including Van, Pickup, Moke, Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet.

                                              Idler Gear, Straight-Cut, pre-A+
                                              Retail: $250.00
                                              Sale: $184.77

                                              Item #: STF0020 -

                                                Straight-cut idler gear for Jack Knight gear sets. For pre-A+ gearbox/flywheel housings with .75" idler shaft. 31 teeth, for use with either 1.00 or 1.04 to 1 ratios.

                                                Instrument cover, Deluxe and early Cooper
                                                Price: $169.95
                                                8/8/2017 12:00:00 AM 189.9500
                                                Item #: 14A9815 -

                                                  The very first Minis equipped with oil pressure and water temperature gauges were the Super Deluxe and early Cooper and Cooper S. The extra gauges were added by mounting a

                                                  Lower Radiator Bracket, Cooper and S
                                                  Price: $24.95

                                                  Item #: 12A0293 -

                                                    Used only. Formed metal lower radiator bracket for use with two-piece radiator surround. The shape is different than the one used on 850 Minis, as the Cooper and Cooper s

                                                    Miglia Race Camshaft, slot drive
                                                    Price: $495.00

                                                    Item #: C-STR930 -

                                                      Race camshaft as used in Mini Miglia race series, ground on a new billet. Power range 3000-7500 RPM. 0.327" lift at the cam, 283/290 degree duration intake/exhaust.

                                                      Mk1 Gauge Plate Bracket, Pair
                                                      Price: $57.50

                                                      Item #: 24A0053K -

                                                        Mk1 Cooper and Super Deluxe originally had the oil and water gauges mounted to a metal plate. These two brackets held the plate to the original Speedometer pod. Sold by

                                                        Mounting Plate, Mk1 Gauges
                                                        Retail: $79.95
                                                        Sale: $75.15

                                                        Item #: 14A9904 -

                                                          Metal adapter plate, attached to the face of the underlying speedometer pod by way of a couple of brackets.

                                                          Piston Ring Set, Cosworth, 040
                                                          Retail: $169.95
                                                          Sale: $144.46

                                                          Item #: 4694-COSWORTH -

                                                            Set of Hastings piston rings, custom ground to fit Cosworth pistons. 1275cc +.040.

                                                            Piston, 998, 20528, +.020
                                                            Price: $99.00

                                                            Item #: ADU3490 020 -

                                                              998 flat top piston, 3-ring, circlip type. Piston is marked 20528, Rover part number ADU3490. +.020 oversize, two only.

                                                              Primary Gear Bushing, 850, 997, 1098, Oil Fed, Rear
                                                              Price: $29.95

                                                              Item #: 22A0082 -

                                                                22A82 rear primary gear bushing for Minis equipped with oil-fed primary gear. Tailshaft size is 1.375" diameter.

                                                                Primary Gear Thrust Washer, small tail crank
                                                                Price: $44.95

                                                                Item #: 22A83 -

                                                                  Crankshaft primary gear thrust washer, to fit 1.37" crankshafts. This includes early 850 Mini and 997 Cooper. 0.125"-.127" thick.

                                                                  Rear Window, Mk1, Used
                                                                  Retail: $200.00
                                                                  Sale: $174.97

                                                                  Item #: 14A7056-USED -

                                                                    Rear glass for Mk1 Mini Saloon in used condition. The Mk1 rear window is a little narrower than the Mk2 and later version, except for Australian Minis, which maintained the smaller glass until later.

                                                                    Second Gear, A+, 25 Teeth
                                                                    Retail: $350.00
                                                                    Sale: $297.50

                                                                    Item #: DAM6240 -

                                                                      Second gear for late SPI Mini, usually from France, with 25 tooth 2nd gear. Identified also by 2 marking rings around the perimeter of the gear teeth. Verify

                                                                      Shift Boot, 1961-64 997 & 1071 Cooper & S
                                                                      Price: $74.95

                                                                      Item #: 14A9941 -

                                                                        Correct gear shift boot for the first remote-shift Minis, the 997 Cooper and 1071 Cooper S. Used from 1961 through 1964.

                                                                        Solenoid Mounting Bracket, 4-sided
                                                                        Retail: $22.95
                                                                        Sale: $21.57

                                                                        Item #: SEL0012 -

                                                                          A nice reproduction four-sided mounting bracket. An alternative mounting configuration for the solenoid; see also SEL0007 three-sided bracket.

                                                                          Solenoid Mounting Bracket, 3-sided
                                                                          Price: $22.95

                                                                          Item #: SEL0007 -

                                                                            A nice reproduction three-sided mounting bracket. An alternative mounting configuration for the solenoid; see also SEL0012 four-sided bracket.

                                                                            Starter Switch, Floor Mounted
                                                                            Price: $59.95

                                                                            Item #: 17H5260 -

                                                                              Early Minis had a off-on ignition switch and the start function was in a floor mounted push button switch.

                                                                              Steering Arms, Pair, Mk1 Cooper, Used
                                                                              Price: $150.00

                                                                              Item #: 21A1464/5 -

                                                                                Pair of Mk1 Cooper S steering arms, in used but excellent condition, ideal for your restoration project. Bead blasted and painted.

                                                                                Steering Arms, Pair, Mk1, Used
                                                                                Price: $50.00

                                                                                Item #: 21A73/4 -

                                                                                  Pair of steering arms (left and right hand) for Mk1 Mini, excluding Cooper S. Used, limited availability.

                                                                                  Strut Pin, Rear, Hydrolastic Only
                                                                                  Price: $9.95

                                                                                  Item #: 21A1704 -

                                                                                    Internal pin inside the rear end of the rear subframe tubular strut on hydrolastic Minis only. Attaches the strut to the suspension displacer unit.

                                                                                    Subframe Tower Steel to Bulkhead, USED
                                                                                    Price: $25.00

                                                                                    Item #: 21A2341-USED -

                                                                                      This thick steel spacer is used between the subframe tower and the body. It is found only on dry suspension Minis up to 1975. Available used only.

                                                                                      Switch Panel, 1959-62 Mk1, Use w/ Rheostat Switch
                                                                                      Price: $29.95

                                                                                      Item #: -

                                                                                        Switch mounting plate for 1959-1962 Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor Minis. Different from the later Mk1 switch panel in that it accepts the rheostat-type heater switch instead of a cable.

                                                                                        Throttle Pedal, LHD, Mk1-2-3, Used
                                                                                        Price: $150.00

                                                                                        Item #: 88G0347U -

                                                                                          The early, Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 Minis have a distinctively small throttle pedal, measuring 1.125" tall x 0.875" wide. For left-hand drive cars. Used.

                                                                                          Vertical Oil Cooler Bracket Set
                                                                                          Retail: $89.95
                                                                                          Sale: $79.16

                                                                                          Item #: SCO0020 -

                                                                                            Sheet metal oil cooler brackets as used on Mini Coopers up to 1965. These cars had vertically mounted oil coolers with metal inlet and outlet pipes. Brackets are precise reproductions

                                                                                            Warm Air Duct, to 1989, New-Old-Stock
                                                                                            Retail: $34.95
                                                                                            Sale: $29.96

                                                                                            Item #: 12G3213 -

                                                                                              Air duct on exhaust manifold when carb air temperature control is fitted, single HS4, used to 1989 (exc. Japan). New-old stock.

                                                                                              Wing Nut, Cooper / Cooper S Air Filter
                                                                                              Price: $12.95

                                                                                              Item #: 12G2705E -

                                                                                                Reproduction wing nut to secure the cover on the twin-carb air filter housing used on the Cooper and Cooper S.

                                                                                                Wiper Motor, Single Speed DR3A, Rebuilt
                                                                                                Price: $349.95

                                                                                                Item #: GEU7714-REB -

                                                                                                  Early square body DR3A single-speed wiper motor, gear included, rebuilt.