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Thermostat Housing, early
Price: $14.95
Item #: 12G0103 -

    Standard aluminum thermostat housing. Not tapped for sending unit. Cast aluminum, reproduction part. Fits all Minis up to Single Point Injection. Occasionally available as a used part as well.

    Thermostat Housing, Late SPi, Automatic
    Price: $82.95
    Item #: PEQ100690 -

      Thermostat housing as used on some late SPi models with automatic transmission. Usually these are found on cars for the Japanese market.

      Thermostat Housing, Twin Point Mini
      Price: $105.95
      Item #: PEQ100650 -

        Deluxe, custom-machined billet aluminum housing; as fitted to the cylinder head on MPi (multi-point injection) Minis, 1997-2001.

        Thermostat, 167F
        Price: $7.25
        Item #: GTS0102 -

          The lowest temperature thermostat available, this will open at 167? Fahrenheit (75?C).

          Thermostat, 180?F
          Price: $7.25
          Item #: GTS0104 -

            This intermediate thermostat will open at 180? Fahrenheit. Recommended to also order gasket GTG0101.

            Thermostat, 190F
            Price: $7.25
            Item #: GTS0106 -

              The highest temperature thermostat available, this will open at 190? Fahrenheit. Order also gasket GTG0101.

              Thermostat, Oil Cooler
              Price: $69.95
              Item #: SCO0004 -

                A compact thermostat unit to prevent over-cooling of the oil. Designed to be spliced into standard 1/2" ID oil cooler hoses, which must be cut and then clamped to the