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Brake Servo Air Valve, Mk3
Price: $49.95
10/18/2020 2:00:00 AM 55.9500
Out of Stock
Item #: SBR0008 -

    OE air valve assembly for Mk3 servo unit.

    Brake Servo and Installation Kit, Mk3, OEM
    Price: $329.95
    4/21/2020 12:00:00 AM 324.9500
    In Stock
    Item #: 13H7939K -

      This power brake servo kit is exactly as used on the Mk3 classic Mini Cooper S, and is an ideal retrofit for any classic Mini requiring power brakes

      Brake Servo Mounting Bracket Set, Mk1-2
      Price: $39.95
      In Stock
      Item #: 21A1294-5 -

        Set of two metal mounting brackets in the original shapes for classic Mini Mk1-2 servos.

        Brake Servo, 1989-on
        Price: $295.95
        Out of Stock
        Item #: GSM119 -

          This power bake servo is an integral part of the master cylinder, as fitted on the Rover classic Mini from October 1988 until the end of production in 2000.

          Brake Servo, Mk1 Reproduction
          Price: $399.95
          12/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 409.9500
          Out of Stock
          Item #: 21A1293 -

            A close reproduction of the Mk1 brake servo, but with a cast aluminum body instead of iron.

            Check Valve, brake servo
            Price: $35.95
            7/7/2020 12:00:00 AM 39.9500
            In Stock
            Item #: 17H2646 -

              One-way check valve in the vacuum hose to maintain suction on the diaphragm.

              Seal, Master Cylinder to Servo, 1988-on (NAM8570)
              Price: $3.25
              In Stock
              Item #: NAM8570 -

                Seal between the brake servo and master cylinder; fits all classic Minis with the power brake servo mounted directly to the master cylinder.

                Servo Bracket Set, Mk3 type
                Price: $33.95
                In Stock
                Item #: 21A2254 -

                  Set of two (2) brackets as used on the Lockheed servo as fitted to classic Mk3 Minis.

                  Servo Rebuild Kit, Mk3
                  Price: $64.95
                  5/29/2020 12:00:00 AM 67.9500
                  In Stock
                  Item #: 18G8938 -

                    OE repair kit for the Mk3 servo unit only. Air valve assembly is not included.