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3.1 Final Drive
Price: $299.95
Item #: STF0038 -

    Many Minis have 3.44 final drives, or even shorter ratio if the transmission came from a 998 originally. You can reduce engine RPM by about 10% or more at

    3.2 Final Drive Gear Set, OEM
    Retail: $299.95
    Sale: $263.96
    Item #: STF0031 -

      Ring and pinion gears with 3.2 ratio. Tooth count is 19/61.

      ARP Diff Bolt
      Price: $10.99
      Item #: SEN0127 -

        Super-duty ARP bolt to attach the crown wheel to the diff cage. Sold each.

        Bearing, differential carrier
        Price: $29.95
        Item #: AHU1856 -

          The same large bearing is used to support the differential in all Mini models. Occasionally sealed bearings are supplied due to availability, but the seal should be removed before installation.

          Bearing, differential carrier, RHP
          Price: $66.95
          Item #: AHU1856-RHP -

            Racers and other top-end customers often ask for OEM UK-made RHP brand diff bearings for longest life and proven reliability. Full width.

            Bolt, Drive Flange, 8.4" brakes
            Price: $0.45
            Item #: BTA0370 -

              Special bolt to fasten 8.4" brake rotor (12" wheel cars)to 21A2695 drive flange. Use eight (8) for this application.

              Bolt, Final Drive Wheel to Differential, Standard
              Retail: $3.00
              Sale: $2.64
              Item #: ATA7043 -

                This is an aftermarket high-tensile shouldered bolt for holding the final drive ("crown") wheel to the differential housing.

                Bolt, Remote Shifter Housing, Short
                Retail: $0.95
                Sale: $0.89
                Item #: HDWB2721 -

                  Coarse thread bolt for Cooper remote housing to attach it to the rear of the differential. Use two (2) per car.

                  Bushing, Diff Crown Wheel & Diff Cage
                  Retail: $9.95
                  Sale: $9.35
                  5/18/2017 12:00:00 AM 12.95
                  Item #: ATA7378 -

                    Bushing found in all diff cages and in the center of standard crown wheels.

                    Bushing, Diff Side Cover
                    Price: $8.95
                    Item #: 2A3538 -

                      Fits pot-joint and yoke-type differential side covers. This bushing supports the output shaft, and if worn will contribute to oil leakage. Must be honed to size after installation.

                      22G0421 - Bushing, Side cover, Flange Output
                      Price: $19.95
                      Item #: 22G0421 -

                        This bushing supports the Hardy-Spicer output shaft, and if worn will contribute to oil leakage. Honing required to obtain exact final clearance.

                        Collet, Hardy Spicer Outlet
                        Retail: $15.95
                        Sale: $14.99
                        Item #: 88G493 -

                          Half-moon collet, locates the end of the output shaft into the Hardy Spicer drive flange, under the rubber seal. Used on early automatics and Cooper S, two (2) required per flange.

                          Cross Pin Heavy Duty Differential
                          Retail: $359.95
                          Sale: $319.97
                          Item #: C-AJJ3385 -

                            This heavy-duty differential is recommended for any high performance road Mini or Mini Cooper. A standard Mini differential has only one pin and one pair of spider gears. This improved

                            Diff Output Flange Circlip, LSD
                            Price: $1.95
                            Item #: CCN0122 -

                              Circlip to retain the diff output shafts used with an LSD. Two (2) required.

                              Diff Output Shaft Washer, LSD
                              Retail: $4.95
                              Sale: $4.21
                              Item #: C-BTA1243 -

                                This washer is fitted next to the inner circlip to retain the diff output shaft when an LSD is fitted. For use with Cooper S (1.375") output shafts.

                                Diff Output Shaft, flange-type, used
                                Retail: $110.00
                                Sale: $96.80
                                Item #: 22A1152-USED -

                                  Used differential output shaft for flange drive. This design followed the original yoke output shaft on pre-pot joint Minis. Introduced in approximately late 1967 on Cooper S models and ceased when the inner CV "pot" joint was begun.

                                  C-BTA0167 - Diff Pin and Planet Gear Set
                                  Retail: $124.95
                                  Sale: $117.45
                                  Item #: C-BTA0167 -

                                    The Mini's differential pin can sometimes wear badly, or even break in competition use. This is due in part to the uneven load applied by varying tolerences and poor machining of the planet gears.

                                    Diff Pin, Heavy Duty
                                    Price: $36.95
                                    Item #: C-BTA0166 -

                                      The pin through the center of the diff is often ignored, but will frequently be found to have wear and should be replaced at rebuild time.

                                      Diff Pinion Spider Gear, Reproduction
                                      Price: $28.60
                                      Item #: DAM6624E -

                                        Standard differentials use two (2) of these pinion (planet) gears. Good quality reproduction. Sold each.

                                        Diff Side Cover, Hardy-Spicer or LSD, used
                                        Retail: $75.00
                                        Sale: $63.75
                                        Item #: 22G0419-USED -

                                          A used diff side cover for converting to Hardy-Spicer drive couplings or most Limited Slip Differentials. Recommend rebushing with 22G0421 before installation.

                                          Differential Side Cover, Rod Change, for Hardy Spicer or Limited Slip Differential
                                          Price: $139.95
                                          Item #: 22G0420 -

                                            If you want to install flange- type differential output shafts, such as used with Hardy-Spicer drive shaft couplings or with a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) in a rod change gearbox,

                                            Diff Side Cover, Yoke-Type
                                            Retail: $109.95
                                            Sale: $93.46
                                            Item #: CHM0085 -

                                              Differential side cover with bushing installed. Fits Minis 1959-73, but can also be used on left side of rod-change transmission with yoke outputs or pot joint.

                                              Diff Spider Gear Thrust Washer, to 1980
                                              Retail: $7.95
                                              Sale: $7.00
                                              Item #: 2A7062 -

                                                This cupped thrust washer was used in pairs on all diffs to 1980. Sold each.

                                                Diff Stub Shaft, LSD, with pot joints
                                                Price: $149.95
                                                6/6/2017 12:00:00 AM 179.95
                                                Item #: C-BTA1263 -

                                                  If you are installing an LSD, other than the Swift ATB one, into a gearbox to be equipped with "pot joints" (inboard CV joints), you will need two of these

                                                  Diff Thrust Washer, Fiber
                                                  Price: $5.95
                                                  Item #: BTA0101 -

                                                    This large diameter thrust washer for the output shafts on all standard differentials.

                                                    Differential Output Yoke, Used
                                                    Price: $40.00
                                                    Item #: 22A374-USED -

                                                      For early Minis using either the original rubber drive coupling or replacement QL5000 type. Sometimes this part cracks around the u-bolt holes or is damaged on the seal surface.

                                                      Differential Pinion Locking Pin
                                                      Retail: $2.75
                                                      Sale: $2.59
                                                      Item #: RPS1418 -

                                                        Pin locks the main pinion pin to the diff cage.

                                                        Differential Shim, .006
                                                        Price: $2.50
                                                        Item #: DAM3108 -

                                                          Used for shimming the differential bearings to achieve proper preload.

                                                          Differential Shim, .010
                                                          Price: $1.99
                                                          Item #: DAM3109 -

                                                            Used to shim differential bearings for proper preload.

                                                            Differential Shim, .020
                                                            Price: $3.00
                                                            Item #: DAM3633 -

                                                              Used to shim the diff to obtain proper bearing preload.

                                                              Drive Shaft Pair, Pot Joint, Used
                                                              Price: $150.00
                                                              Item #: SEVU002 -

                                                                Pair of bare drive shafts to accept inner CV Joints. These are typically needed when converting to 1973-on pot joint transmission. Used condition. Sold by the pair.

                                                                Flange Diff Output Shaft, for standard side covers
                                                                Price: $449.95
                                                                Item #: FOR136 -

                                                                  Special Swiftune-developed differential output shafts to match Hardy-Spicer drive shaft couplings. New materials and technology allow this shaft to fit the standard smaller diameter diff side cover, eliminating the need

                                                                  Gasket, Diff Housing, lower
                                                                  Price: $0.95
                                                                  Item #: 2A3506 -

                                                                    Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section only. Fits pre-rod change models. For rod change, use 22G1836B.

                                                                    Gasket, Diff Housing, Upper
                                                                    Price: $0.95
                                                                    Item #: 2A3505 -

                                                                      Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Upper section only. Fits all.

                                                                      Gasket, Diff Side Cover Gasket
                                                                      Price: $1.50
                                                                      Item #: 22A1611 -

                                                                        This is an aftermarket version of the diff side cover gasket. See TRK10004B for improved gasket.

                                                                        Gasket, Diff Side Cover, Automatic
                                                                        Retail: $2.99
                                                                        Sale: $2.54
                                                                        Item #: 22A1612 -

                                                                          The diff side cover for the automatic is slightly different from 4-speeds, so a different gasket is needed. Sold each.

                                                                          Gasket, Gearbox Diff Housing, Lower, Rod-Change
                                                                          Price: $1.47
                                                                          Item #: 22G1836 -

                                                                            Thin paper gasket between the gear case and the diff housing. Lower section, fits rod change only. Shown next to the same part for the pre-rod change gearbox

                                                                            Improved Gearbox Diff Side Cover Gasket
                                                                            Price: $4.95
                                                                            Item #: TRK10004B -

                                                                              This latest version of the side cover gasket comes with built-in sealant attached to the paper.

                                                                              Gear set, crown wheel and pinion, 2.95 (STF0033) Gear set, crown wheel and pinion, 2.95 (STF0033)
                                                                              Retail: $379.95
                                                                              Sale: $322.96
                                                                              Item #: STF0033 -

                                                                                2.95 crown wheel and pinion set. A "tall" final drive like this reduces your RPM at a given speed, so will allow quieter and more economical highway driving. Tooth count

                                                                                Hardy Spicer Output Flanges for ATB LSD (FOR094) SW-ATBH/SOF, Hardy Spicer Output Flanges for ATB LSD (FOR094)
                                                                                Price: $399.00
                                                                                Item #: FOR094 -

                                                                                  These flanges are required if you want to use the Quaife ATB LSD with Cooper S Hardy Spicer U-Joints. They snap in place just like the inner CV joints, and

                                                                                  Hardy-Spicer Flange Bolt Set, Swiftune
                                                                                  Retail: $82.95
                                                                                  Sale: $73.00
                                                                                  Item #: FOR126 -

                                                                                    Superior race quality bolts for the Hardy-Spicer diff output flange. Sold per set/8. A Swiftune track-developed product.

                                                                                    Limited Slip Differential, Evolution
                                                                                    Price: $995.00
                                                                                    Item #: STF0100 -

                                                                                      This Evolution limited slip is an updated and advanced version of the old popular Salisbury clutch-type LSD. It has improved clutch material and a unique design for smooth transitions between

                                                                                      Limited Slip Differential, Quaife ATB
                                                                                      Price: $1,295.00
                                                                                      Item #: FOR092 -

                                                                                        Now a limited slip diff that is ideal for FWD cars! The all-gear mechanism of the Quaife ATB eliminates the grabby behavior of earlier plate and pawl diffs, and reduces

                                                                                        Limited Slip Diff, Tran-X Mk6
                                                                                        Price: $1,595.00
                                                                                        Item #: FOR145 -

                                                                                          A plate-type differential designed to operate with no pre-load, thus reducing friction that consumes horsepower. Removes torque-steer found in conventional diffs, and reduces understeer, enabling a neutral-steering car.

                                                                                          Limited Slip Output Shaft, Hardy Spicer
                                                                                          Price: $189.95
                                                                                          Item #: C-BTA1262 -

                                                                                            Output shaft for Tran-X and Salisbury Limited Slip Differentials. Hardy Spicer coupling. Sold each.

                                                                                            Locktab, Final Drive Crown Wheel
                                                                                            Price: $4.95
                                                                                            Item #: ATA7385 -

                                                                                              Metal locktab to retain the six bolts that attach the crown wheel to the differential. Sold each.

                                                                                              Nut, differential yoke
                                                                                              Retail: $4.95
                                                                                              Sale: $4.65
                                                                                              Item #: 510618A -

                                                                                                Nut to retain diff output yoke. Sold each.

                                                                                                Output Shaft Bolt, Hardy Spicer
                                                                                                Retail: $6.95
                                                                                                Sale: $5.91
                                                                                                Item #: 22A1139 -

                                                                                                  The Hardy-Spicer drive coupling requires the use of matching flanged output shafts. The shafts were fitted with 4 unique d-head bolts, which are often damaged or lost. Sold each. See