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Assorted Upholstery & Accent Products
Price: $25.08-$255.16
Item #: ASST-ACCT -

    Assorted upholstery and interior accent products for the classic Mini and variants

    Boot Lid Trim Liner
    Price: $35.95
    Item #: PT3008 -

      Fiberboard liner in black with hardware kit to cover the open frame of the Mini boot lid. Black.

      Dash Surround, Vinyl
      Price: $22.95
      Item #: DT3028 -

        A roll of vinyl with sufficient material to do upper and lower dash rails and A-posts as was used originally on Deluxe and Cooper models of the Mini.

        Dash Tray Liner, 1970-on
        Price: $37.95
        Item #: DT3076 -

          The dash tray panel under the speedo console was redesigned in 1970, and it required these panels to lay on the floor of this panel so that the soft dash

          Padded dash tray liner, shown in DT3022A black
          Retail: $53.95
          Sale: $43.16-$149.95
          Item #: DT3022 -

            Liner fits in the dash tray, and is held in place by the speedo panels. Made of vinyl to match the interior trim color, and has a foam backing as original.

            Door Card Liner, Mk1 Mk2, Pair
            Price: $17.95
            Item #: DL3021 -

              Moisture barrier/membrane for Mk1 and Mk2 interior door panels. This is an aftermarket part that is based on principles used on expensive-car restorations.

              Door Fillet Panels, 1959-1969
              Price: $31.95
              Item #: DP3022 -

                These fillet panels slot into the space at the front and back of the door panels on Mk1 and Mk2 Minis, holding the door panel into the door frame. Fits models 1959-1969, unless otherwise noted.

                Door Pocket Liners, Mk1-Mk2, Pair
                Price: $34.95
                Item #: DP3023A -

                  High-quality painted and embossed automotive-quality fiberboard. Supplied in a standard black finish, but can easily be primed and painted alternative colors.

                  Headliner Bow Kit, Saloon, 1970-on
                  Price: $117.95
                  12/27/2017 12:00:00 AM 119.95
                  Item #: HL3030 -

                    This original set of headlining stays are suitable for all Mini saloons built after 1970. The color-coded stays are inserted through hoops in the headlining kits. Instructions included.

                    Headliner Kit, Pickup
                    Retail: $122.95
                    Sale: $116.19
                    Item #: HL3024 -

                      Mini Pickups had a one piece headlining frame with the canopy glued and stapled to it. Cream Crackle was used on early models and the light grey was used during the 1970's.

                      Headliner Kit, Riley/Wolseley Saloons
                      Price: $179.95
                      Item #: HL3005 -

                        Headliner canopy kit in original cream-crackle for Elf and Hornet. Includes C-post trim panels. Use HL3030 bow set, if needed.

                        Headliner Kit, Saloon 1970-1995
                        Retail: $199.95
                        Sale: $189.94-$199.95
                        Item #: HL3012 -

                          This is a one piece headlining canopy which is held place by six specials stays. These stays can be slipped through hoops already sewn into the canopy.

                          Headliner Kit, Saloon Mk1 1959-1967
                          Retail: $199.95
                          Sale: $151.43-$186.91
                          Item #: HL3000 -

                            Mini saloons of this period had a two-piece headlining frame with the canopy glued and stapled to them. Early cars had light grey material, but after 1962 all cars had the special Cream Crackle material.

                            Headliner Kit, Saloon Mk2 1967-70
                            Price: $188.95
                            Item #: HL3010 -

                              Mini saloons of this period had a two piece headlining frame with the canopy glued and stapled to them. Cream Crackle was the only colour used on this model.

                              Headliner Kit, Traveller
                              Price: $214.95
                              Item #: HL3020 -

                                Two-piece head liner kit for 1960-1970 Mini Traveller; choose grey or cream crackle.

                                Headliner Kit, Van
                                Price: $131.95
                                Item #: HL3018 -

                                  Headliner kit for classic Mini van models.

                                  Rear Pocket Liners, Pair, 1959-1973
                                  Price: $57.95-$99.95
                                  Item #: WA3023 -

                                    Liner for the pocket found on either side of the rear seat of Mini Saloon; fits Minis from 1959-1973.

                                    Rear Pocket Liners, Pair, 1973-1996
                                    Price: $57.95
                                    Item #: WA3050 -

                                      Liners that slip into the rear pockets and are a tight fit. You will notice the creases in the fibreboard, bend accordingly and push into place.

                                      Seat Upholstery & Headliner Clip (front and back shown)
                                      Price: $0.85
                                      Item #: 14A8094 -

                                        Individual clip to retain headliners and seat fabric to the seat frame. Sold each; image shows front and back of clip.