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Battery Kill Switch, Deluxe
Retail: $43.95
Sale: $41.17

Item #: SEL0057 -

    Battery cut-off switch. FIA approved. Most race sanctioning bodies require the use of this special (diode protection device) cut out allowing the switching off whilst the engine is running without damaging the electrics.

    Ignition Switch
    Retail: $23.95
    Sale: $19.97

    Item #: 31799 -

      Dashboard mounted ignition switch with off-on-start positions. Reproduction part. Tumbler/keys set sold separately, see 54315070.

      Ignition Switch Assembly, 1976-1996 SPi
      Price: $109.95

      Item #: BHM7107 -

        Steering-column mount ignition switch, with column-locking mechanism, including keys. Fits English Minis from 1976 through 1996 Single Point Injection (SPi). Reproduction.

        Ignition Switch Tumbler and Keys
        Retail: $11.95
        Sale: $9.97

        Item #: 54315070 -

          Lock barrel for dash mounted igntion switch, with two (2) keys. Not included with 31799 ignition switch.

          Key Blank, Door, Boot & Ignition
          Price: $4.25

          Item #: KEY1 -

            FS key blank, as used on most door and boot handles, as well as dash-mounted ignition switches.

            Key Blank, Locking Ignition up to 1989
            Price: $16.95

            Item #: AAU8276A -

              Key blank for UK-market Minis with locking ignition, typically 1976 through the 1980s. This is also the replacement key for the currently available BHM7107 ignition swith.

              Starter Switch, Floor Mounted
              Price: $59.95

              Item #: 17H5260 -

                Early Minis had a off-on ignition switch and the start function was in a floor mounted push button switch.