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Air Filter Cleaning Kit, K&N
Price: $16.95

Item #: SIE0334 -

    Air filter recharger kit for K&N filters. Includes cleaner and oil. Use this once a year and your K&N filter will last a lifetime.

    Air Filter Element, 1-3/4" HIF carbs
    Price: $9.95

    Item #: GFE1096 -

      Air filter for late model 1275 Mini factory equipped with a single HIF6 carb. (1990-1994). Fits inside stock housing.

      Air Filter Element, HS2 Single Carb
      Price: $12.95

      Item #: GFE1002 -

        Replacement filter element for 850 & 998 with single 1-1/4" SU carb. 5-3/4" round x 1-3/4" thick.

        Air Filter Element, HS2 Twin
        Price: $13.95

        Item #: GFE1038 -

          MkI & Mk2 Coopers had twin HS2 carbs, with these small filter elements inside a metal housing. 5-1/4" round x 1-3/8" thick. Sold individually.

          Air Filter Element, K&N, HS4
          Retail: $59.95
          Sale: $56.16

          Item #: E-2601 -

            K&N replacement for the GFE1008 filter element found in the plastic housing on Mini 1000 and Austin America. Higher air flow may increase power with proper rejetting.

            Air Filter Element, K&N, replacement for Cooper S and 850
            Price: $49.95

            Item #: E-9001 -

              Replacement air filter for Cooper S or Mini 850.

              Air Filter Element, K&N, SPi and MPi
              Retail: $44.99
              Sale: $42.29

              Item #: E-9172 -

                K&N air filter for single-point and multi-point injection Minis. Made in the U.K.

                Air Filter Element, MG1100 and Morris Minor
                Retail: $35.00
                Sale: $32.90

                Item #: GFE1001 -

                  Air filter element for MG 1100 and Morris Minor. Cone shaped, 3.25" tall. ID is 2.625".

                  Air Filter Element, Single HS4
                  Price: $13.95

                  Item #: GFE1008 -

                    Large air filter element for Austin America, Mk3 Canadian and English Mini 1000, or any Mini fitted with the large plastic air filter housing. Just over 8" in diameter.

                    Air Filter Element, SPi & MPi
                    Retail: $13.95
                    Price: $11.95

                    Item #: GFE2481 -

                      Air filter for single point injection and multi-point injection Minis. Genuine Unipart usually stocked for reliability and service life. Replaces GFE1143.

                      Air Filter Housing, Single HS4, Used
                      Sale: $70.25

                      Item #: 12G4298-USED -

                        Plastic air filter box for Minis equipped with the single HS4 carburetor. Wing nuts not included.

                        Air Filter, Cone, K&N for HIF6/44
                        Price: $109.95

                        Item #: SIE0413 -

                          Cone filter by K&N for HIF6/44 SU carburetor. Complete with gasket.

                          Air Filter, Cone, K&N for HS2
                          Price: $109.95

                          Item #: SIE0394 -

                            Cone filter by K&N for HS2 1.25 SU carburetor. Complete with gasket.

                            Air Filter, Cone, K&N for HS4
                            Price: $109.95

                            Item #: SIE0397 -

                              Cone filter by K&N for 1.5 HS4 SU carburetor. Complete with gasket.

                              Air Filter, for Weber DCOE
                              Price: $119.00

                              Item #: 99217.250QB -

                                Low profile, efficient air filter for 45 DCOE Weber Carb. Slips over the standard ram pipe, and allows air flow over and around the lip of the ram pipe.

                                Air Filter, K&N, FIPK for MPi
                                Price: $199.00

                                Item #: 57-0189 -

                                  K&N air filter, fuel injection performance kit for multi-point injection (MPi). Enhanced breathing and an induction sound like a side-draft Weber.? Completely replaces the stock filter assembly; includes two (2) air ducts. Made in the U.K.

                                  Air Filter, K&N, FIPK for SPi
                                  Retail: $179.95
                                  Sale: $152.98

                                  Item #: 57-0082 -

                                    K&N air filter Fuel Injection Performance Kit for Single Point Injection. Completely replaces the stock air filter assembly. When coupled with a performance exhaust, will deliver a noticable increase

                                    Air Filter, K&N, for HIF6, Oval
                                    Price: $99.95

                                    Item #: SIE0251 -

                                      Oval K&N filter assembly with offset, for HIF6 carburetor. Allows the use of stub stack for an extra 2-3 HP.

                                      Air Filter, K&N, HIF6
                                      Price: $82.95

                                      Item #: SIE0238 -

                                        K&N pancake filter for SU HIF6 carburetor. 1.75" deep. UK design with stronger, through-studs. Allows plenty of room for stub stack.

                                        Decal, Coopers Filters
                                        Price: $4.50

                                        Item #: SMI0112 -

                                          Restoration-quality sticker as used on the front edge of the twin carb air cleaner case, for the classic Mini Cooper and Cooper S

                                          Fiber Washer, Air Filter Wing Nut
                                          Retail: $0.95
                                          Sale: $0.89

                                          Item #: 12A1437 -

                                            Fiber washer to go under the wing nut on twin HS2 and HS4 carb air cleaner box. Sold each.

                                            Ram Pipe, 1.5? SU, Short, H4/HS4
                                            Price: $69.95

                                            Item #: SIE0017 -

                                              Short velocity stacks are ideal for engines putting out power at higher RPM (over 7,000) or when fitting inside an air filter. Fits HS4 or H4 1.5" SU.

                                              Swiftune Ram Pipes, 1.5" SU, pair
                                              Price: $275.00

                                              Item #: FOR105 -

                                                Flow-bench developed ram pipes for twin H4 or HS4 carbs. Beautiful Swiftune billet aluminum stacks for maximum flow and vintage appearance.

                                                Seal, air cleaner elbow
                                                Price: $3.89

                                                Item #: 12A1433 -

                                                  Rubber seal at the top of the cast metal elbow(s) as fitted to many early 850 and Cooper models. Sold each.

                                                  Stub Stack, HIF6/44
                                                  Price: $46.95

                                                  Item #: SIE0126 -

                                                    Billet aluminum stub stack with machined and polished radius to smooth and enhance the entry of air into the mouth of the carb. Fits inside pancake filters, but will require

                                                    Stub Stack, HS4, Billet
                                                    Retail: $43.95
                                                    Sale: $37.36

                                                    Item #: SIE0124 -

                                                      Billet aluminum stub stack with machined and polished radius to smoothe and enhance the entry of air into the mouth of the carb. Fits inside of most pancake filters, but

                                                      Warm Air Duct, to 1989, New-Old-Stock
                                                      Retail: $34.95
                                                      Sale: $29.96

                                                      Item #: 12G3213 -

                                                        Air duct on exhaust manifold when carb air temperature control is fitted, single HS4, used to 1989 (exc. Japan). New-old stock.

                                                        Wing Nut, Air Filter Housing, Used
                                                        Price: $14.95

                                                        Item #: 12G1811-USED -

                                                          This wing nut has a long sleeve and is normally used with Mini 1000 or Austin America air filter housings. No longer available new so we keep used ones on hand.

                                                          Wing Nut, Cooper / Cooper S Air Filter
                                                          Price: $12.95

                                                          Item #: 12G2705E -

                                                            Reproduction wing nut to secure the cover on the twin-carb air filter housing used on the Cooper and Cooper S.