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Cole reluctantly starts fixing his water pump and the leak on the crank pulley seal

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Bolt, Front Pulley, Pre-A+
Price: $23.95
In Stock
Item #: AEA0312 -

    Pre-A+ front pulley bolt as used on early Minis with stamped pulley or 2-piece Cooper S pulley.

    Crank Pulley Bolt and Washer Kit, Uprated
    Price: $25.50
    In Stock
    Item #: C-AHT147 -

      This socket head cap screw is made in a very heavy-duty material and comes with a beefy steel washer.

      Gasket, Timing Cover, 10-bolt
      Price: $2.95
      In Stock
      Item #: 12A0956B -

        Timing cover (10-bolt) gasket for classic Mini engines up to about 1979

        Gasket, Timing Cover, 11-bolt
        Price: $2.95
        In Stock
        Item #: 12G2625B -

          After about 1979, most classic Mini engines had a revised 11-bolt cover that required this gasket

          Gasket, Water Pump
          Price: $1.50
          In Stock
          Item #: 88G0215 -

            Paper gasket between the water pump and the block. Included with all water pumps.

            Oil seal, Timing Cover
            Price: $3.95
            In Stock
            Item #: 88G0561 -

              All A-series and A-Plus engines used this front seal until about 1990.

              Timing Cover Oil Seal, Improved
              Price: $10.95
              3/18/2020 2:00:00 AM 8.95
              In Stock
              Item #: LUF10006 -

                Improved timing cover seal, featuring a double lit and a scroll to swirl any oil back toward the seal.

                Water Pump, 1275 A+
                Price: $36.95
                12/27/2018 2:00:00 AM 34.9500
                Out of Stock
                Item #: GWP0154 -

                  As used on 1275cc A+ engines up to 1996. Big bore pump with deep impeller, but the bypass hose nipple is plugged on this version.

                  Water Pump, 1275, HP
                  Price: $48.95
                  In Stock
                  Item #: GWP0134HP -

                    High-output water pump for large-bore engines, 1275cc and larger.

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