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Cable Trunnion, Choke and HIF carbs
Price: $4.25
Item #: AUE0034 -

    AUE metal cable trunnion connector for choke cable and HIF throttle cables. Includes screw.

    Cable Trunnion, throttle, except HIF carb
    Price: $4.95
    Item #: ACC5062 -

      Throttle cable trunnion less nut HDWN2720 for all except HIF carbs.

      Choke Cable, 1275cc, 1990-on
      Price: $22.95
      1/8/2018 12:00:00 AM 28.9500
      Item #: SBF10031 -

        Choke cable for 1990 onward Minis, with positive locking pull. For earlier models, see 21A1202 and 21A2329.

        Choke Cable, 46"
        Price: $22.95
        Item #: BHH0526 -

          Universal choke cable, 46" length. Plastic knob marked "lock".

          Choke Cable, 998cc, 1987-90
          Price: $22.95
          Item #: SBF10027 -

            Choke cable for 1987-1990 998cc models. 31" length, ratchet action. Use with ADU5065 retaining clip.

            Choke Cable, Mk1, "Choke" knob
            Price: $51.95
            Item #: 21A1202 -

              Finger-pull Bakelite knob with 'Choke' logo. Proper and original looking reproduction.

              Choke Cable, Mk1, "Choke" knob, Plastic (21A1202E)
              Price: $19.95
              12/10/2018 12:00:00 AM
              Item #: 21A1202E -

                Finger-pull modern plastic knob with 'Choke' impressed label.

                Choke Cable, Mk1, Choke/Lock Knob
                Price: $52.95
                Item #: 21A1204 -

                  This cable was found on Mk1 cars, typically with twin carbs. Black bakelite knob, marked "Choke" and "Lock"; twist-to-lock function.

                  Choke Cable, Mk1, Choke/Lock Knob, Economy
                  Price: $22.95
                  Item #: 21A1204E -

                    This cable was found on Mk1 cars, typically with twin carbs. Black plastic knob, marked "Choke" and "Lock"; twist-to-lock function.

                    Choke Cable, Mk3 on
                    Price: $15.95
                    Item #: 21A2329 -

                      Choke cable for most late minis, with international symbol for choke on the end. Will fit all Minis up to about 1990; see also SBF10031 for later cars. For period

                      Clip, Choke Cable
                      Retail: $6.95
                      Sale: $5.91
                      Item #: ADU5065 -

                        Choke cable clip for Minis from 1987 to 1991; use with cables SBF10027 and SBF10031.

                        Clip, Choke Cable, HIF6
                        Price: $3.30
                        5/17/2017 12:00:00 AM 5.95
                        Item #: CZK6491 -

                          This clip locks the choke cable to the linkage plate on the HIF6/HIF44 linkage plate.

                          Clip, throttle cable to pedal
                          Price: $4.95
                          Item #: DCP7342 -

                            This clip fits to the throttle pedal and helps to hold the throttle cable in place. Used on all 1959-2000 Minis and variants.

                            Grommet, Choke & Heater Cable
                            Price: $3.95
                            Item #: CAM5969 -

                              Formed rubber grommet for choke and heater cable for where the pass through the fire wall. Prevents chafing and leaks to interior.

                              Linkage Kit, SU Twin Carb
                              Price: $46.95
                              Item #: SIE0052 -

                                Universal linkage kit for twin SU carburetors. Includes throttle cable guide AEG349, throttle and choke linkages, throttle cable trunnion; order throttle return springs separately, AEC2075, two or three required.

                                Throttle Cable Foot
                                Price: $12.95
                                Item #: AEG0349 -

                                  Offset throttle cable guide as used on twin carbs, but adaptable for most installations. Can be used in lieu of the obsolete 12A259.

                                  Throttle Cable, 1995-1996 SPi, Left Hand Drive
                                  Retail: $24.95
                                  Sale: $21.00
                                  Item #: SBB102500 -

                                    54" long throttle cable for the later 1995 and 1996 fuel-injected SPi Mini. Includes cable and outer sheath assembly.

                                    Throttle Cable, 31"
                                    Price: $10.95
                                    Item #: C-AHT0085 -

                                      Heavy-duty cable with a little extra length. Very useful for custom applications and Weber carb conversions. See NAM7914 for standard length cable.

                                      Throttle Cable, HIF carb, LHD
                                      Price: $16.95
                                      6/6/2018 12:00:00 AM 23.9500
                                      Item #: SBB10126 -

                                        If you have an original HIF carb or have converted to one, this is the throttle cable you'll need for LHD cars. Length of outer sheath is 22"

                                        Throttle Cable, HIF carb, Right-hand Drive
                                        Price: $21.95
                                        Item #: SBB10099 -

                                          Correct length and end fittings for right-hand drive (RHD) car equipped with an HIF carb. Length of outer sheath is 24".

                                          Throttle Cable, MPi, Left-Hand Drive
                                          Retail: $29.95
                                          Sale: $26.96
                                          Item #: SBB103720E -

                                            Throttle cable with threaded end for left-hand drive 1997-on MPi Minis. 38? length.

                                            Throttle Cable, MPi, RHD
                                            Retail: $21.95
                                            Sale: $18.68
                                            7/31/2018 12:00:00 AM 29.9500
                                            Item #: SBB103400 -

                                              Aftermarket throttle cable for right-hand drive MPI Minis.

                                              Throttle Cable, SPi, LHD, aftermarket
                                              Price: $25.95
                                              6/6/2018 12:00:00 AM 29.9500
                                              Item #: SBB10186 -

                                                Throttle cable for left-hand drive SPI Mini models. Approximate length is 54". We stock a modestly priced aftermarket part, since the genuine Rover cable sells for about four

                                                Throttle Cable, SPi, RHD, aftermarket
                                                Retail: $29.95
                                                Sale: $28.30
                                                Item #: SBB10187 -

                                                  Throttle cable for right-hand drive SPI Minis. See SBB102510 for Rover genuine cable. SBB10186 is for left-hand drive SPI Minis.

                                                  Throttle Cable, Standard (SAC0019)
                                                  Price: $7.95
                                                  Item #: SAC0019 -

                                                    Anti-friction throttle cable with heavy-duty lined outer cable. Fits most early Minis with single or dual carbs, except Canadian cars with short cable, HIF6 converted cars, or fuel injected cars.

                                                    Throttle Pedal, LHD, 1976-on, USED
                                                    Price: $99.95
                                                    Item #: FAM7873-USED -

                                                      The gas pedal was revised in 1976 and, of course, the left-hand drive pedal is different from the right-hand drive. This is a USED pedal,ideal for converting cars from right-hand

                                                      Throttle Return Spring, Single Carb
                                                      Price: $5.95
                                                      Item #: 1E5537 -

                                                        If you have a single HS carb installation, this it the spring you will normally need.

                                                        Throttle Return Spring, Twin Carb
                                                        Price: $2.50
                                                        Item #: AEC2075 -

                                                          If you have a dual carb setup, these are the small return springs that mount to the heat shield bridge. Use three (3) per installation.

                                                          Weber Single Cable Linkage Kit, Deluxe
                                                          Price: $215.00
                                                          Item #: SIE0253 -

                                                            Deluxe Weber DCOE on-carb linkage assembly. Super low profile sliding linkage with adjustment of 22-48mm for full opening and easy throttle return tension.

                                                            Weber Top Mount Linkage
                                                            Price: $109.95
                                                            7/10/2018 12:00:00 AM 126.9500
                                                            Item #: SIE0024 -

                                                              This competition linkage kit bolts to the top of a DCOE Weber carb, giving smooth, predictable throttle control.