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Item #: GC7 -

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Assorted Upholstery & Accent Products
Price: $30.19-$255.16

Item #: ASST-ACCT -

    Assorted upholstery and interior accent products for the classic Mini and variants

    Current Specials Flyer
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    Item #: Specials_Flyer -

    No Charge! Download our current Specials Flyer in PDF format, or add to your cart for a no-charge copy shipped to you with your order!

    Cars We Loved in the 1960s
    Price: See Amazon.com

    Item #: SBK0244 -

      Vintage car connoisseurs will love this blast back in time to when driving was still fun and buying a new car was a thrilling family event.

      10"x3.5" Steel Wheel, Used
      Retail: $95.00
      Sale: $69.80

      Item #: SEVU0030 -

        10"x3.5" original-type steel wheel in used condition. Will definitely need refurbishing prior to use.

        1100-1300 Sill with floor extension, right hand
        Price: $79.95

        Item #: 806008 -

          This right-hand side panel combines the outer rocker sill with the outer portion of the floor.

          12"x4.5" Steel Wheel, Used
          Price: $75.00

          Item #: SEVU0003 -

            Used 12" standard steel road wheel. 4.5" width. You should blast and paint these before fitting.

            123 Distributor Replacement Cap
            Price: $39.95

            Item #: VK105 -

              Replacement cap for 4-cylinder 123 Distributor. Keep a spare on hand.

              123 Distributor Replacement Rotor
              Price: $14.95

              Item #: 1-234-332-088 -

                Replacement rotor button for all 123 distributors.

                1275 Cylinder Head, Rebuilt
                Price: $695.00

                Item #: SEVR0017 -

                  1275 / 1300 cylinder head, casting # 12G940. 1.3" intake, 1.15" exhaust valves. Modified for unleaded fuel. Fully rebuilt in our shop to include all new iron valve guides,

                  1275 Cylinder Head, Rebuilt, Big Valve
                  Price: $695.00

                  Item #: SEVR0013 -

                    A 1275 cylinder head, casting #12G940, rebuilt fully in our shop with all new iron valve guides, unleaded exhaust seats, exhaust valves and seals. Inlet valve is large 1.4" size

                    1275 High Performance Power Unit
                    Price: $7,395.00

                    Item #: FOR1275HP -

                      Our high performance engine has all the features of our standard engine, but comes with a fully ported cylinder head, high compression Cooper S pistons, performance cam, ARP high-strength head studs and rod bolts, and flywheel assembly. Each engine is balanced. Power output will be significantly higher than the standard engine, with a power band between 2000-7000 RPM and a slightly lopey idle.

                      1275 Power Unit
                      Price: $6,195.00

                      Item #: FOR1275 -

                        The same careful assembly practices go into our stock rebuilds as our championship-winning race engines. Included in each package is a fully bored and rebuilt 1275 A-Plus engine, rebuilt rod change transmission with 3.44 final drive, reconditioned one-piece pre-Verto flywheel and clutch assembly.

                        1300 Type Breather, Used
                        Price: $29.95

                        Item #: 12G2619-USED -

                          Upright breather canister. Bolts to flywheel housing on Minis equipped with vented housing. Used condition.

                          1380 Power Unit
                          Price: $7,695.00

                          Item #: FOR1380 -

                            For those of you who want more power, we offer a Big Bore 1380cc power unit. It has 73.5mm Powermax squeeze cast pistons, Keith Calver big-valve ported and polished cast iron head with dual springs, Elgin performance cam, ARP rod bolts and head studs

                            145/10 Camac Tire
                            Retail: $89.95
                            Sale: $79.97

                            Item #: SWT0164 -

                              145/10 steel-belted radial tire made in Portugal by Camac. Fits 3-1/2" steel wheel through 5" alloy wheel; deep tread wraps around the edge of the tire and should deliver long life. DOT-approved for road use in the U.S.; sold each.

                              145/10 Dunlop SP44 Weathermaster
                              Price: $249.95

                              Item #: SWT0110 -

                                Classic 145/10 rally tire by Dunlop, perfect for the restoration of a vintage rally car. OK for street use, recommended for off-road or show.

                                145/10 Falken Sincera Tire
                                Price: $79.95

                                Item #: SWT0115 -

                                  The well-known Falken all-weather tire "sheds water like a duck and runs quiet like a mouse." DOT-approved, and will fit 3-1/2" steel wheels through 5" alloys.

                                  145/10 Marshal Tire
                                  Price: $74.95

                                  Item #: SWT0162 -

                                    An economically-priced 145/80-10" tire for the classic Mini; engineered in Korea by Kumho. DOT-approved.

                                    145/10 Zetum Power Star tire
                                    Price: $74.95

                                    Item #: SWT0156 -

                                      An economically-priced 145/80-10 tire for the classic Mini; fits 3.5"-4.5" wide wheel. DOT-approved.

                                      145/70-12 Hifly Tire
                                      Retail: $71.95
                                      Sale: $67.99

                                      Item #: SWT0161 -

                                        An economically-priced, correct-sized tire to fit the classic Mini. Modern, steel-belted radial construction; use with factory 12? steel wheels or 4.5? factory 8-spoke aluminum wheels.

                                        145/70-12 Michelin XZX tire
                                        Price: $134.95
                                        8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM 149.9500
                                        Item #: SWT0155 -

                                          From Michelin's classic range, this 145/70-12 tire is the correct size to fit the classic Mini, and can be fitted to 4.5" or 5" wide steel or aluminum 12" wheel. DOT-approved.

                                          145/70-12 Nankang Econex Tire
                                          Price: $94.95

                                          Item #: SWT0159 -

                                            An economically-priced, correct-size 12" tire for the classic Mini, with a low profile that clears the Mini's fenders and suspension. Steel-belted radial construction; DOT-approved.

                                             145/70-12 Nankang Winter Tire
                                            Retail: $104.95
                                            Sale: $88.32

                                            Item #: SWT0141 -

                                              A true winter tire for the Mini. The v-shaped tread design of SV-3 tire ensures added security in all driving conditions.

                                              165/10 Yokohama A008
                                              Retail: $109.95
                                              Sale: $99.97

                                              Item #: SWT0082 -

                                                The world's most popular 165/70 10" performance radial tire; fits 4.5" to 6" wide rims. The Yokohama A008 is our best selling tire for the Classic Mini.

                                                165/12 Nankang Greensport Tire
                                                Price: $89.95

                                                Item #: SWT0158 -

                                                  A wider, low-profile 12" tire for the classic Mini with a recommended rim width of 5". Steel-belted radial construction; DOT-approved.

                                                  175/13 Nankang Tire (SWT0140) SWT140, 1755013NANKANG, 175/13 Nankang Tire (SWT0140)
                                                  Price: $109.95
                                                  8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM 114.9500
                                                  Item #: SWT0140 -

                                                    Economically-priced 175/50-13 tire for the classic Mini. The Nankang AS-1 has variable pitch tread that reduces road noise.

                                                    1st Motion Shaft, 3 Synchro
                                                    Retail: $149.95
                                                    Sale: $139.54

                                                    Item #: 22A0979 -

                                                      First Motion Shaft, B-Type 3-synchro transmission except Cooper. 19 teeth. Check your gear for wear on the small engagement teeth and the inside surface where the needle roller bearing rides.

                                                      Seven Mini Parts Logo T-Shirt, Black
                                                      Price: $25.00

                                                      Item #: SHIRT07 -

                                                        Commemorative t-shirts from the 2017 Can-Am Mini Challenge, available while supply lasts!

                                                        244/264 Camshaft, Elgin, Mild Road
                                                        Price: $349.00

                                                        Item #: ELG001_ -

                                                          This cam has a 244 degree intake and a 264 degree exhaust duration and intake valve lift of .327" with an exhaust lift of .327" with 1.25 rockers. For mild

                                                          244/264 Camshaft, Elgin, Star Drive
                                                          Price: $349.00

                                                          Item #: ELG001S -

                                                            Our most popular camshaft is now available in the rare, star drive configuration. This cam has a 244 degree intake and a 264 degree exhaust duration and intake valve lift of .327" with an exhaust lift of .327" with 1.25 rockers.

                                                            256 Camshaft, Kent, Mild Road
                                                            Retail: $409.95
                                                            Sale: $373.74

                                                            Item #: MD256M -

                                                              All Kent cams are ground on new wide lobe billets. New billets are rifle drilled then cross drilled to provide oil for each lobe. 254/254 degrees duration .320" valve lift

                                                              264/268 Camshaft, Road, 998-1275
                                                              Price: $249.95
                                                              4/2/2018 12:00:00 AM 279.9500
                                                              Item #: SEN0293 -

                                                                264/268 degree mild road cam for 998-1275 Minis. Ground on new European-made blank; use with standard lift rockers. A good choice for torque and economy; sold outright, no exchange.

                                                                266 Camshaft, Kent Mild Road
                                                                Price: $409.95

                                                                Item #: MD266M -

                                                                  Kent slot drive cam, ground on a new billet. Wide lobe. 260/270 degrees lift, .320"/.330" valve lift. Timing 24/56-61/29. RPM range 1000-6500. Also available in a complete kit.

                                                                  274 Camshaft, Kent, Fuel Injection
                                                                  Price: $409.95-$412.10

                                                                  Item #: MD274 -

                                                                    Kent slot drive cam ground on a new billet, designed specifically for fuel-injected classic Mini. Select SPi or MPi.

                                                                    276 Camshaft, Fast Road, 1275-1380
                                                                    Price: $249.95
                                                                    4/2/2018 12:00:00 AM 279.9500
                                                                    Item #: SEN0294 -

                                                                      276/270 degree performance cam for 1275-1380 Minis, delivering good power below 5000 RPM. Lift 356.354 intake/exhaust. 356 Ground on new European-made blank.

                                                                      276 Camshaft, Kent Fast Road
                                                                      Price: $409.95

                                                                      Item #: MD276M -

                                                                        All Kent cams are ground on new wide lobe billets. 270/280 degrees duration, .360"/.388" valve lift. Timing 29/61-66/34. RPM range 1500-7000. Slightly lumpy idle in 1275. Also

                                                                        286 Camshaft, Kent Fast Road
                                                                        Price: $409.95

                                                                        Item #: MD286M -

                                                                          280/290 degrees duration, .388"/.400" valve lift. Timing 34/66-71/39. RPM range 2000-7500. Also available in a complete kit. Sold outright - no core charge. All Kent cams are ground on new

                                                                          286 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, Kent
                                                                          Price: $549.95

                                                                          Item #: MD286SP -

                                                                            Kent 286 Scatter Pattern cam, ground on a new Kent blank. New blanks are rifle drilled then cross drilled to provide oil for each lobe. We recommend a drop of

                                                                            296 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, Vintage Race, New Blank
                                                                            Price: $549.00

                                                                            Item #: SPVP4-BK -

                                                                              Vintage Race Cam, developed by David Vizard and ground on a new cam blank for longer life. Wide lobe regound cam with slot drive. 290/300 degrees duration. Cam lift .324"/.340".

                                                                              310 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, Full Race, Kent
                                                                              Price: $549.95

                                                                              Item #: MD310SP -

                                                                                Kent reground cam in slot drive features David Vizard's phasing design. Wide lobe. 310/310 degrees duration, .420" valve lift. Timing 49/81-81/49. RPM range 4000-8500. Sold

                                                                                4-Bolt Center Main Cap With Thrust 1300
                                                                                Retail: $250.00
                                                                                Sale: $210.38

                                                                                Item #: FOR042-CENTER -

                                                                                  This steel 4-bolt center main cap is the best way to counteract the flexing of the Mini's 3-main bearing crank, and is considered a must for race application. Fits all 1300 A+ or Austin America blocks.

                                                                                  5-Speed Rod-Change Transmission, Straight-Cut Gears, 3.44
                                                                                  Price: $5,495.00

                                                                                  Item #: MSG6 -

                                                                                    5-speed rod-change transmission with straight-cut gears and standard diff.

                                                                                    5-Speed Transmission, Rod Change, X-Pin Diff
                                                                                    Price: $4,995.00

                                                                                    Item #: MSG05 -

                                                                                      Close-ratio, helical-cut rod-change transmission, with the benefit of an overdrive 5th gear for highway cruising. Fitted with a heavy- duty cross pin differential.

                                                                                      649 Camshaft, Race Metro Challenge, Slot Drive
                                                                                      Price: $495.00

                                                                                      Item #: C-STR930 -

                                                                                        Race camshaft as used in Mini Miglia race series, ground on a new billet. Power range 3000-7500 RPM. 0.327" lift at the cam, 283/290 degree duration intake/exhaust.

                                                                                        8.4” Brake Conversion Kit, Reproduction
                                                                                        Price: $1,099.00

                                                                                        Item #: SBR0007 -

                                                                                          Disc brake conversion for use with 12” or 13” wheels; includes everything necessary to convert your classic Mini from drum brakes 8.4” front disc brakes. Reproduction calipers and wheel bearings.

                                                                                          998 Cylinder Head, Rebuilt, Unleaded
                                                                                          Price: $595.00

                                                                                          Item #: SEVRCAM4810 -

                                                                                            Rebuilt completely in our machine shop, this head will include all new exhaust valves, guides and seals. Unleaded exhaust valve seats are installed. Springs and intake valves checked. Resurfaced

                                                                                            A-post and Door Step Repair, Heritage (right-hand)
                                                                                            Retail: $179.95
                                                                                            Sale: $156.78

                                                                                            Item #: HMP441012/3 -

                                                                                              For Mk3 and later Minis. Includes the A-post, door step and the bottom part of the B-post. From original factory tooling.