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  • For use with negative ground cars only
  • Special order, lead time required
  • Condition: new
  • Sold -999
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • DOT-approved False
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Price: $603.95
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    All-new, fully electronic billet distributor for A+ engines. Programmed with 16 advance curves to choose from. Dwell is microprocessor controlled, depending on coil current. Works with any standard or High Energy coil with a minimum 1 ohm resistance. Direct replacement for the Lucas distributor. Negative ground only. Special order, lead time required. Ref: C-27H7772.

    The ignition system in a classic car is often the source of many problems. After many years the mechanical system is worn, and replacement of the points with an optical or magnetic setup does not make up for wear in the advance mechanism, the shaft, bushing etc. The 123 distributor is different. It comes in a housing that looks like its mechanical counterpart on the outside, but that houses a lot of high-tech on the inside. Simple hookup is error resistant. Uses reliable Bosch rotor and cap.

    See SEL0003 and SEL0004 for A-series units. For Vacuum advance A+ model order part number SEL0006.

    NOTES: Any engine running on the street should have the vacuum advance hooked up. This is a fuel economy feature which is in no way detrimental to engine performance. For race engines you may choose not to use it, but unlike mechanical distributors, there is no risk of the advance mechanism locking up and causing an over advance condition.

    Tips for the 123 Distributor >

    Mounting instrictions for the 123 Distributor >

    Special Order

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