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    Special Order - Call for Details
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    Billet EN40B steel crankshaft made in the U.K. by Arrow Precision, to fit an original 1071 Cooper S block. Modern technology and science make these cranks great products at a reasonable price. Featuring:

    • 68.26mm stroke
    • Extra-large C-shaped counter weight webs to reduce vibration and to minimize main bearing wear, which is so critical with the Mini’s ancient 3-main journal design
    • Through-bored rod journals for weight reduction and improved balance
    • Nitrided EN40B steel to a depth of .020”
    • Long keyway for improved location of crank gear and front pulley.
    • Certified material, heat-treating and balancing
    • Full crack-checking
    • Manufacturer’s inspection report supplied with crank

    Special order, allow 4-10 weeks

    Special Order - Call for Details

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