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    Now a limited slip diff that is ideal for FWD cars! The all-gear mechanism of the Quaife ATB eliminates the grabby behavior of earlier plate and pawl diffs, and reduces the low-speed steering effort. The Automatic Torque Biasing principle of this diff senses which wheel has the most grip and applies power to that wheel, while still applying power to the other wheel. In a turn, the outside wheel will get more power, reducing inside wheel spin, and allowing more acceleration at an earlier point for maximum exit speed. Made for pot-joint gearboxes, this unique diff allows the standard crown wheel and pinion to be used, saving considerable expense. Plus, the splined output shafts accept the standard pot joints with no modification. This is the hot setup for auto-x or track days, while still retaining complete drivability for the street. Compact design requires little or no modifications to the transmission case.

    Optional special drive flange adapters are available for use with Hardy-Spicer driveshaft couplings, see FOR094 flange set and FOR126 flange bolt set.

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