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Machine Shop

Seven's in-house automotive machine shop offers services for all makes and models of classic Mini. Steve Maxwell brings with him Monterey Road Machine's 25+ years of experience in engine machining processes and assembly. Our automotive machine shop service gives repair shops and hobbyists alike a local facility with the personal touch of an owner/operator.

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Previous Machine Shop Projects

Building an Engine at Seven Enterprises

Not all rebuilds are alike! Follow the steps we take to ensure that you are getting the finest rebuilt Mini engine available anywhere.

Start with the men who will be doing the work: Steve Maxwell and Mike Kearney have been building championship-winning Mini engines for over 35 years. Together, they have won four SCCA National Championships with the Fortech Mini. Seven has its own fully equipped in-house machine shop with the most modern equipment in the industry, meaning your project will be handled by a Mini expert from start to finish. Every engine project from the standard rebuild to the most exotic all-out race specification gets the same attention to detail that has made Fortech Racing Engines champions on the track, and show winners for the street!

Quoted horsepower numbers are not the way to choose who will be your Mini engine supplier; Seven does not want to be part of the horsepower number game. We are SCCA National Champions, so we think we do know something about performance, and the best way for you to optimize your engine within your budget.

The following description is of our machining technique for a 1275 Mini power unit rebuild:

  • Power Units

    All of Seven's rebuilt power units are built from late model Mini or MG Metro donor cores. Our British agent hand-selects the best available cores before they are crated and shipped to California. Every engine assembly is carefully inspected in the tear-down phase to look for potential problems.
  • Cleaning

    The disassembled parts are sorted, the core and oil plugs are removed from the block, and the block is cleaned in our Storm Vulcan spray washer. The engine parts are then cleaned and glass beaded where necessary. Every effort is made to keep the disassembled core parts together for each rebuild; this way you do not get mismatched gears and other rotating parts.
  • Pistons

    Several pistons are available, from forged to cast to squeeze cast.
  • Machining

    Machining the block with the Sunnen CK-10.
  • Main Bores

    Main bores are checked to be sure they are straight and to specification.
  • Sizing

    Sizing the rods on the Sunnen rod resizing machine.
  • Surfacing

    Surfacing the Block on the Van Norman surfacer.
  • Installing cam bearings.
  • Mini short block parts ready for assembly.
  • Mounting the pistons on the rods using the Sunnen Rod Heater.
  • The flywheel is surfaced.
  • Balancing

    Every engine we rebuild at Seven Enterprises is fully balanced: crankshaft, connector rods, and pistons, and finally the complete assembly, balanced on the Stewart-Warner balancing machine.
  • After cleaning and magnaflux, the guides are installed.
  • The Van Norman valve and seat machine is used to precisely machine a three-angle valve seat.
  • An assembled head with parts breakdown.
  • Unleaded seats installed in the cylinder head.
  • Head Resurfacing

    The head is resurfaced on the Van Norman resurfacer.
  • Engine/transmission components ready for assembly.
  • Transmission

    The transmission is fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected. All necessary parts are replaced to bring the transmission up to Seven's standards.
  • Engine Assembly

    Each engine is carefully assembled, cam timing checked and adjusted to grinder's specs.
  • Engine Testing

    The engine is set up on the Seven Enterprises engine test stand to be fully tested and run-in.
  • Finished Engine

    Finished power unit ready to ship. (deluxe shipping crate at extra cost).

Machine Shop in Action