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    Ball bearings were used in the swivel hubs of all drum brake clasic Minis and also 997/998 Cooper disk brake models. It also fits all MG1100/Austin America. This modern aftermarket wheel bearing kit includes two bearings with integral spacer, oil seals and cotter pin. One kit does one side. Ref: GHK1018, VK507, QWB425.

    Omit the original separate spacer when using this set with integral spacer. As with all wheel bearing kits, we recommend removing the manufacturer's grease and repacking with a quality brand such as Mobil 1 or Red Line for longest life.

    Note: This kit will not work in the earliest Minis with 30mm ID bearing, so for pre-63 front ends, see 13H0107 bearings.

    See GHK1018-OE for OEM version. Can be replaced with GHK1140 taper roller bearing kit.

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