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Progressive Rear Bump Stop Kit Installation


This kit (C-AJJ3313) is intended for all hydrolastic Minis, although it has been fitted onto dry-suspension cars to give improved handling characteristics during motorsport events. Check all clearances of brake pipes and hoses and relocate if necessary.

On dry-suspension radius arms, there is no hole for the bump stop bracket. Depending on the radius arm used, a 5/16” UNC hole will be required, and you will need to chisel off the brake pipe anchor brackets, and if necessary, finish grind flat. Make sure the brake pipes are firmly fixed under the radius arm and clamp them into position, using a suitable jubilee clip, to stop any fouling during use.

Remove the existing bump stop rubbers from the arms, clamp the new brackets into a vice and fit the larger bump stop rubbers on, using the SMALLER HOLE END. The use of soft soap will ease this operation.

Bolt the bracket down with the bump stop mounting boss on the hub side of the mounting point. When fitted, ensure there is sufficient clearance between the bump stop rubber and side body flange. If necessary, dress back this flange. On full stop, the rubber must strike a flat surface.


  • Bump stop rubber x2
  • Mounting plate R/H x1
  • Mounting plate L/H x1

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