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    Top-of-the-line KYB AGX Sport Adjustable rear shocks allow drivers to adjust dampening to match specific driving conditions quickly. The AGX® Sport Adjustable Shocks have manual eight-stage adjustable dampening which makes it completely on-the-car adjustable within minutes. With its competition-grade engineering and construction, AGX® Sport Adjustable Shocks and Struts are perfect for sport enthusiasts and high performance drivers. Sold each, but it is recommended to replace in axle sets: order one (1) left and one (1) right. Ref: 743045, 743046.

    Note: The rear shocks for the classic Mini are "handed" (i.e. lefty-righty) and must be fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    See 743039 for KYB AGX Adjustable front shock(s).

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    Special Order

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