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GAZ shock absorbers

GAZ is a range of premium gas-filled performance shocks, featuring a gold hard-anodized exterior finish and a 40-point external adjustment knob, so easy and precise fine tuning can be achieved without removal. GAZ is so confident in their quality that every shock comes with its dyno test sheet!

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Shock Absorber, Adjustable, Lowered, GAZ (C-STN236/7)
Price: $124.95
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Item #: C-STN236/7 -

    GAZ premium gas-filled performance shocks, for cars lowered 2'' or more from standard. Ref: C-STN236, C-STN237.

     Shock Absorber, Adjustable, Standard, GAZ
    Sale: $113.71
    In Stock
    Item #: C-STN231/3 -
    • REDUCE

    GAZ premium gas-filled performance rear shock, for standard-height vehicles; choose front or rear. Ref: C-STN231, C-STN233.