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Reclining Front/Rear Seat Cover Kit, Monte Carlo, Vinyl
Price: $734.95
Item #: SC3070 -

    Front and rear seat cover kit, in one-color vinyl, to fit Mini saloons with reclining front seats with no head rests. Designed with DIY restorers in mind.

    Front and Rear Seat Cover Kit, 1970-1992, Vinyl/Cloth
    Price: $799.95
    Item #: SC3073 -

      Front and rear seat cover kit, in vinyl with matching cloth face, to fit Mini saloons with reclining front seats with no head rests. Designed with DIY restorers in mind.

      Front Seat Base Diaphragm, Rubber
      Price: $69.95
      Item #: CZH3508E -

        Original-design rubber seat base diaphragm, complete with hooks. Used up to introduction of wire diaphragms, see C711, C716, and C719 for later applications. Aftermarket. Hooks available separately, see BHA5097.

        Front Seat Base Foam, 1959-1967
        Price: $53.95
        Item #: SF659 -

          This cushion was used on the majority of Mk1 front seats; approx. 2" thick with an extra 1" thick piece that can be glued to the front edge to give the seat cover definition and leg support.

          Seat Base Frame Foam Wrap, Front
          Price: $8.95
          Item #: SF660 -

            Fits to the base frame of the seat frame under the seat cover skirt, softening the look of the frame and protecting the cover from damage.

            Rear Seat Back Foam, Saloon, 1960-1980
            Retail: $55.50
            Sale: $52.45
            Item #: SF669 -

              Fitted to all saloons of this period. Shaped to the original design but made in modern day specification foam.

              Rear Seat Base Foam Cushion, Saloon, 1962-1967
              Retail: $115.95
              Sale: $109.57
              Item #: SF668 -

                Modern-type foam cushion, cut precisely to shape. Foam is ready to accept a new seat cover, which is glued to the top surface, then the seat skirts are turned over.

                Rear Seat Covering Kit, All Saloons, Leather
                Price: $1,374.95
                Item #: SC3290 -

                  This leather seat kit has been developed to match the appearance of the leather Bucket and Suffolk reclining front seats.

                  Rear Seat Covering Kit, Saloon, Vinyl, 1960-2000
                  Price: $776.95
                  Item #: SC3289 -

                    This design is based on the earlier Mini Cooper Mk.I style of the 1960's. The seat covering kit is to replace your old seat covers using your existing frames and foam cushions.

                    Rear Seat Foam & Padding Kit, 1959-1960
                    Price: $189.95
                    Item #: SF670 -

                      Rear seat foam and padding kit for the very early, 1959-60 Austin and Morris Mini saloon.

                      Seat Back Diaphragm, 1960-1980
                      Price: $64.95
                      Item #: C708 -

                        This wire diaphragm will fit all Minis built between 1960 and 1993 (before the twin post headrest seats were introduced).

                        Seat Back Diaphragm, Mk2 1967-1970
                        Price: $57.95
                        Item #: C715 -

                          This is the original diaphram as fitted to the Mk2 Mini, and comes with the necessary springs to attach it to the seat frame.

                          Seat Back Padding Kit, Mk1
                          Price: $44.95
                          Item #: SF666 -

                            Seat back padding, made from a composition of rubberized horse hair.

                            Seat Base Diaphragm, wire, 1969-1993
                            Price: $69.95
                            Item #: C711 -

                              This part replaced the earlier CZH3508E rubber diaphragm, and was used as early as 1969, depending on the model. Check your seat before ordering. The diaphragm comes with the

                              Seat Cover Kit, Front & Rear, Mk1 Cooper & Cooper S
                              Price: $1,119.95
                              Item #: SC3010 -

                                This six-piece set includes the front seat base and seat-back (squab) covers, as well as the rear base and seat-back covers.