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Price: $55.95
    SKU:  DT3022
    Availability: In Stock
    In Stock
    • Black (special order)
    • Saville (Dark) Grey (special order)
    • Cumulus Grey (special order)
    • Dove Grey (special order)
    • Grey Fleck (special order)
    • White (special order)
    • Cream (special order)
    • Cream Crackle (special order)
    • Biscuit (special order)
    • Light Stone Beige (special order)
    • Beige (special order)
    • Autumn Leaf (special order)
    • Powder Blue (special order)
    • Blue Grey (special order)
    • Midnight Blue (special order)
    • Porcelain Green (special order)
    • British Racing Green (special order)
    • Tartan Red (special order)
    • Spanish Red (special order)
    • Maroon (special order)
    • Gold Brocade (special order)
    • Silver Brocade (special order)

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    This liner fits in the dash tray, and is held in place by the speedo panels. Made of vinyl to match the interior trim color, and has a foam backing as original. Fits all classic Mini models (1959-2000), unless otherwise noted.

    Special order colors may require 3-6 weeks lead time.

    Actual colors may vary from those shown; additional colors may also be available.

    In Stock

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