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Brake tools, fluids, and assorted accessories for the classic Mini, classic Mini Cooper, and variants.

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Brake Adjusting Combo Wrench (STL0011)
Price: $19.95
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Item #: STL0011 -

    Sturdy U.K.-made wrench that is useful for adjusting rear brakes. Ref: BLM810, 660120, STL0011.

    Brake Fluid, Castrol SRF Racing, 1 Liter
    Price: $103.95
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    Item #: SBR0037 -

    CASTROL SRF Racing Brake Fluid is an ultra high-performance product formulated specifically to satisfy the ever increasing stresses placed upon the braking systems used in road racing.

    Brake Fluid, Lockheed DOT4, 1 Liter (SSB9415)
    Price: $10.95
    5/23/2023 12:00:00 AM
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    Item #: SSB9415 -

    DOT4 brake fluid specifically formulated for use with the natural rubber seals in your brake hydraulics. 1 liter bottle. Ref: SSB9415.

    Brake Fluid, Pentosin DOT4 LV, 1 Liter (NMB1065)
    Price: $25.99
    6/13/2023 12:00:00 AM
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    Item #: NMB1065 -

    High-performance DOT4 brake fluid with extremely low viscosity at cold temperatures. 1 liter bottle. Ref: NMB1065.

    Brake Light Switch, Hydraulic, to 1976 (C16062)
    Price: $11.50
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    Item #: C16062 -

      The pressure of the brake fluid activates this switch, which screws into a fitting on the front subframe at the right side. Ref: C16062, SPB400, C16062A, 51600, XBLS7.

      KAD Rear Caliper Seal Kit (SBR0072)
      Price: $68.50
      Special Order
      Item #: SBR0072 -

        Genuine KAD kit for rebuilding one pair of rear KAD calipers.

        Mini Brake Adjuster Tool, Small (STL0047)
        Price: $3.50
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        Item #: STL0047 -

          Pocket-sized rear brake adjuster. When the rear brake adjusters are in perfect working order this small wrench is all you need.

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