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    6/3/2019 2:00:00 AM 219.9500
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    Highly-efficient 2-core aluminum radiator to fit classic Minis from Mk3-1996, including all 1990-on cars, which had the engine moved 1/2" forward. Includes drain plug; accepts fan switch C-ARA4445, sold separately.


    • Take the cowling from the engine and make sure it fits the radiator easily and file out mounting bolt holes if necessary. Use metric mounting bolts HDWB2742M.
    • Place cowling in position loosely but do not attach until the radiator has been dropped in place and checked for fitment. Ensure the front of the radiator where the top hose fits clears the lip of the wing to avoid damage.
    • You may have to cut the tab from the boomerang shaped upper radiator bracket that sits against the thermostat housing, to allow movement and modification to squeeze the top tank in .
    • Make sure the fan clears cowling all round.
    • The variants that make this radiator difficult to fit on post-1990 cars is that the engine is further forward and the subframe mountings might have wrong alignment.
    • The engine mounts available also play a part in alignment as well as any previous accident damage repairs.
    6/3/2019 2:00:00 AM 219.9500
    Out of Stock

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