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Front Wheel Bearing Kit, Taper Roller, Timken (GHK1140)
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  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Price: $119.95
    SKU:  GHK1140
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    In Stock

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    Superior-quality genuine Timken front taper-roller bearing set. All Cooper S and 8.4" disc brake classic Minis were supplied with taper roller front wheel bearings, and all '63-on Minis can be upgraded to this bearing. This set includes two (2) individual bearing assemblies, one separate thickness-matched center spacer, oil seals, and cotter pin. One kit required per side.

    Remember, not all taper roller bearing kits are Timken-made. Only Timkens were the choice of Rover for new (classic) Minis and as a replacement part. They will give longer life, quieter operation, and better reliability compared to aftermarket brands.

    In Stock

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