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PPE Team Car Project: Dyno Testing

Posted on 7th Aug 2013

This is one of the famous "Overseas Motors" Minis owned by Robert Hoemke, on the dyno at Driving Ambition (Cameron Park, CA). The dyno is the only way you can measure the horsepower of the motor and see the air/fuel ratio throughout the motors' running range. The dyno test is done by loading the motor and measuring the HP; the reading you get is the actual HP at the front wheels. It is typical to add 15% to that number to get the flywheel HP number, so a dyno run of 100HP would be 115HP at the flywheel. This is a vintage motor rebuilt by Steve Maxwell at Seven Enterprises; as you can see at the end of the last clip, we have set a 7,000 RPM redline on the motor even though it will pull 8,000 RPM with no problem.