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PPE Team at the "Carmel-By-The-Sea Concours On The Avenue 2013"

Posted on 22nd Aug 2013

Both the "Purple People Eater" (#61) and its freshly restored sister car (#51) make their public reunion!

Now, is that really a classic car...? No, it's the tow-mobile! Jessica Upton in the PPE Team Car; go, Jessica, go...! Nick and Jessica Upton Nick with the tow-mobile... Sam G. Let's get going! The awards table Fancy! Putt-putt-putt-putt.... Sam G. and Doug Peterson (famous Fortech Mini driver) The “Purple People Eater”, ready for general viewing The “PPE” Team Car The crowd throngs... or the throng crowds... The Judges... Mike Kearney in the “PPE” Team Car Judging the “PPE” Team Car for the Concours Chatting up the judges... Now judging the “Purple People Eater” Robert Hoemke, owner of both “Purple People Eater” team cars Robert Hoemke and Nick Upton Trevor Bond, behind the wheel of the car he would drive in the big race later in the week Oh, yeah, there were some other Minis there too.... A 1973(?) Mini A 1972 Mini A 1964 Austin Mini A 1966-ish Countryman Estate Here's Sam G. again with a spiffy little Mini... Why, it's a spiffy Seven engine...! Almost certainly pointing out what a great Seven engine is under the hood... And just because it's so cute (tho not a Mini), a little Fiat