2016 Runoffs Update #2

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Mike K.'s second update from the 2016 SCCA Runoffs at Mid-Ohio

Update #1 (21-Sep-2016)|Pre-Race Report (15-Sep-2016)

Qualifying is finally over, and I have to say that the field of 28 cars has to be the most tightly-grouped by qualifying times in GTL history. The race is going to be fantastic from the front to the rear of the field.

Mini Qualifying Times
Driver Time
Joe Huffaker 1:36
Joel Hipp 1:39
Chris Kopley 1:41
Andy Nelson 1:41
Ted Phenix 1:46

It seems the rear-wheel drive Minis have an advantage right now. Maybe with a few adjustments the front-wheel drive Mini could be more competitive. It would take quite an effort to go three seconds faster than Doug Peterson’s Championship winning time of 1.38 in a front drive Mini. I have to applaud the effort every Mini team put into preparation for this event. All five of the Minis have run every lap of the four qualifying sessions. Each is still on the same motor that started the week; no one is thrashing on their car. Great job to every team member!

Our race is on Saturday, 1:40 PM eastern time, so check it out on the SCCA website, live (click here). It will also be archived for viewing at later date.

My prediction is that Huffaker will have one heck of a race at the front. He has a big weight advantage over the top qualifier so let them wear out their tires and then pick them off one by one. The race is 23 laps long so there is time to be patient. Hipp is right in the middle of the field, so he has cars all around him going the same speed; he will be fun to watch. The best Mini race will be between Chris Kopley and Andy Nelson. Chris is super consistent at 1.41 and Andy has run that fast, so now just has to do it over a race distance.

There will be a full race report next week, so check back here to see how all of the Minis did!

~Michael Kearney

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