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Price: $119.95
    SKU:  21253
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    In Stock
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    • STD

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    High compression, dish-top 3-ring 1275cc piston from OEM supplier. Ideal for classic Mini Cooper S-spec 1275cc road engines. Thin-ring low-friction design is stronger than 21251 piston in area of oil control ring. Supplied with rings and pin. Sold each. Ref: 21253, 21253 020, 21253 040, 21253 060, 21253 STD, P21253, P21253-20, P21253-40, P21253-60, P21253-00.

    Assembly Note: This piston will normally fit an undecked block, but the taller compression height of 1.5276" requires checking piston/deck clearance by test installing a single piston on the rod and attached to the crank. This is especially important when the block has previously been decked. Additionally, if you are taking your 1275 rods to a machine shop for piston installation, please note the offset of the rods in the block and advise your machine shop of the exact orientation. This is a somewhat unusual feature of the 1275cc engine and the shop must be made aware to prevent installation error.

    Single piston replacement ring sets available separately, see R41570.

    PACKAGING UPDATE: Item(s) may be packaged in either style shown, but please be assured that the same item(s) are in each. AE Hepolite is now owned by Federal Mogul and trademarked "Nural"

    In Stock

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