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    Classic Mini saloons (sedans) of this period never had bonnet insulation pads fitted as standard. This four-piece kit can reduce engine noise considerably, and is cut out exactly to fit between the bonnet strengthening bars on Mk3-on Minis; can also be modified to fit Mk1 and Mk2 Minis. Instructions and a tube of high-temperature adhesive is supplied with the kit. Ref: CK982, CK982A.

    From the manufacturer
    This kit simply consists of four (4) pieces of ‘Hardura’, a very strong wipe clean black PVC with a dense felt backing, which has to be glued felt side onto the underside of the bonnet. The pieces are shaped to fit the recesses between the modified cross bracing that was introduced to the bonnet with the Mk3 models, and which was continued for the duration of Mini production. High-temperature-resistant glue is included in this kit to fix the Hardura pads. This kit was specifically designed to reduce the amount of bonnet rattle and intrusive engine noise that can drone excessively in the ears of the driver and passengers; it may also keep the engine a little warmer in winter!

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