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Rev Counter Dash Kit, Mk1, RHD
  • Rev Counter Dash Kit, Mk1, RHD
  • SAC0121 inner faceplate
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  • Made in the U.S.A.
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    The “Rev Counter” dash kit is a modern remake of a short-lived classic accessory from the golden age of the Mini. It is designed to be a direct installation into early Minis which have the speedometer supported by a plastic pod in the center of the dash. On the basic early models, only a speedometer was fitted. On Deluxe and Cooper models, the speedometer was flanked by an oil pressure gauge and a water temperature gauge.

    The important thing to note is that you must have the original speedometer plastic pod. This kit requires that to support the rest of this conversion. If you don’t have the original white pod, the later black one can be used.

    The kit consists of the new extended plastic gauge pod with 80mm tachometer hole, in a choice of RHD or LHD models. The gauge pod includes a special inner metal plate that holds the gauges securely. When you receive the kit, the pod is already attached to the plate. If you must adjust the 4 chrome screws, please note they are Pozidriv screws and not Phillips-head. Please use the correct screwdriver or you will damage the heads. Install this screw last, and remove it first if the dash is to be removed. Do not overtighten this small screw, or damage to the dash pod can occur.

    The pod is drilled for the oval trim ring that surrounds the speedo and the oil and water gauges. This trim ring is not included since some customers will already have that component if the car is already Deluxe or Cooper spec. If you don’t have the oval trim, that can be purchased separately. The kit does include the special bent-wire fasteners to attach the oval trim, and also a small metal connector strip to close the gap in the oval trim.

    You will need to remove any sound-proofing behind the dash trim panel at the bonnet hinge channels as shown in the photo. You may need to add some thin sound proofing on the rest of the flat firewall panel, this will help the trim panels make contact with the base of the new dash pod to prevent a gap.

    The kit includes a new clamping strap for the tachometer. It is shorter than the stock one and helps prevent the retainer from contacting the dash interior trim panel. The uppermost tach retaining stud may need to be shortened to prevent it from damaging the trim panel. A round self-ashesive metal disc is included that can be stuck on the interior panel at the point of contact.

    Special Allen head screws are included to attach the tachometer end of the plastic housing securely to the inner metal support plate. An Allen hex key is included. This installation is somewhat more difficult on RHD models, since the large heater air duct behind the right dash interior trim panel pushes the panel towards the driver, leaving less clearance for this installation.

    Please proceed cautiously, as the plastic gauge pod is very fragile. We are not able to accept returns arising from installation damage.

    Parts that may need to be purchased separately to complete this installation are:

    See SAC0122 for left-hand drive version.

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