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    A 52mm combined Fahrenheit mechanical water temperature gauge and 0-100 PSI oil pressure gauge, with Smiths name on black face with original chrome half-V profile bezel. Note that few Smiths temp gauges are offered any longer in the traditional Fahrenheit scale, and that most oil pressure gauges are now in KG scale instead of PSI, so this is an ideal solution to maintain a classic look. Since it combines two gauges in one hole, you can fit a clock or other supplemental Smiths gauge such as ammeter to the empty space.

    Gauge includes water temp capilary, but requires car's original oil plumbing. If you have no plumbing for a mechanical oil gauge, you will need an engine fitting for either early or late block and a hose, which can be the original type, replacement nylon hose, or superior C-AHT9 braided hose. If converting from electrical water temp gauge SEL0067 adapter is required.

    The capillary tube on a mechanical temp gauge is very sensitive and easily damaged. For this reason there is no warranty beyond the installation date.

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