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    Reproduction of the popular Quinton-Hazell QL5000 drive shaft couplings, with steel universal crosses, black nylon cups and new u-bolts. Stronger, more heat resistant, and more compact than original rubber joints, which helps avoid contact with exhaust headers. Sold in a full car set (both wheels). Replaces rubber couplers. Used on magic wand and remote shift Minis, MG1100 and manual shift Austin America.

    When replacing these joints, it is the ideal time to also refresh the inner drive shaft boots (18G9029E) and to also clean and lubricate the internal splines of the sliding yoke.

    Seven Installation Tip:

    The modern reproductions of this universal joint, just like the origin Quinton Hazell product, can be installed most easily by following these steps on the work bench before attempting to install them on the car:

    • Using a spare inner drive shaft yoke, test each U-bolt from the kit by sliding into the holes in the yoke. If you don’t have a spare yoke, then remove the one on your car. Use a round file first to make sure they are no burrs in each hole. You want the u-bolts to be able to slide readily into the holes of the yoke. This will often require you to squeeze the ends of the u-bolt closer to each other. This can be done in a vise, with large pliers, or even with a hammer. Don’t begin your install until all of the bolts fit readily. Then test the u-bolts in the other yoke still on the car, so you know that all u-bolts fit easily.
    • Now that the u-bolts fit the yoke holes, you will need to try the u-bolts on the plastic cups of the joint assembly. You will often find the u-bolts are now too narrow to slide into the groove in the plastic cup. Using the same round file in the groove for the u-bolt, you can remove some of the plastic of the joint. Try to take some off each side of the cups at the point where the u-bolt contacts the cup. Just take off enough on each side so the u-bolt can slide over the cup and seat fully in its groove. You don’t need to enlarge the groove fully around the cup, only at the points of contact. All eight (8) cups may require this attention.
    • The objective is for the bolts to fit snugly on the cups and still slide easily into the yokes. Once you are able to do this on the bench, you can do it on the car much more easily and with less frustration.
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