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    Keith Calver has performed hours and hours of testing to perfect his range of modified cylinder heads. Years of development have resulted in what is possibly the best over-the-counter head in this price range. Sold outright, no exchange. Flow characteristics match or exceed Longman GT-7 head. Available options: Drilling for 11 Studs and/or installation of bypass fitting.

    • Inlet Valves: 35.7mm(1.401") dia. modified original equipment type
    • Exhaust Valves: 29.3mm(1.150") dia. modified original equipment type
    • Exhaust seats: Latest type Beryllium-based for lead-free fuel
    • Valve Guides: Cast iron
    • Valve Springs: Nominal 180lb at 0.495" valve lift
    • Stem Seals: Latest 'top-hat' design with tensioner springs
    • Chamber Volume: Nominal 21cc
    • Stage 2 1275 Lead-free "GT" Cylinder Head
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