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A genuine Newton Commercial product
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Price: $494.95
    SKU:  CK973
    Availability: Special Order
    Special Order
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    • Biscuit
    • Autumn Leaf (non-moulded)
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    Moulded carpet kit from Newton Commercial, fits classic Mini Vans and Pickups with late gear change from 1973-80, either left-hand drive (LHD) or right-hand drive (RHD). Available by special order, lead time may be required. Actual colors may vary from those shown due to monitor display differences.

    Please note that colors Autumn Leaf and Navy are available non-moulded only; made in tufted style carpet and comes with a flat tunnel section that will need to be glued to give the best possible fit.

    Use set CK974 for pre-rod change Vans or Pickups.


    From the manufacturer:
    This moulded carpet kit will fit any Mini Van or Pickup built with the late ‘square’ front tunnel, which was introduced in 1973. The previous tunnel design was much more rounded and included the hump for the MKI starter housing, which by 1973 had long been redundant on most models.

    Originally the Mini Van and Pickup were fitted with two rubber floor mats to cover the cab floor but these are generally now either in very poor condition or missing. This moulded carpet set replaces the need for this rubber mat that is now longer available. The front mat is moulded to fit the floor pan exactly, while the rear mat is supplied as a flat piece of oversize carpet to be trimmed to fit over the tunnel.

    Steering column positions are marked underneath the front moulded mat for either LHD or RHD vehicles so that the customer can punch the correct position. We recommend the removal of the steering column from the vehicle to achieve the neatest fit and finish, and to make the job a little easier. Separate patterned flat carpet pieces supplied are included to be closely trimmed and glued to the cross member, bulkhead, wheel arches and sills if desired (although originally these areas were not even protected with a rubber covering)


    Special Order

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