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145/12 Nankang SV-2 Winter Tire
  • 145/12 Nankang SV-2 Winter Tire
  • SWT0141 tread view

  • Condition: new
  • Sold -999
  • Made in the U.S.A. False
  • DOT-approved False
Retail: $104.95
Sale: $89.21
You Save: $15.74 (15.0%)
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    CA Tire Recycling Fee:

    California law requires the collection of a Tire Recycling Fee of $1.75 for each tire sold from within the State of California, delivered to a California address only

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    A true winter tire for the Mini. The v-shaped tread design of SV-3 tire ensures added security in all driving conditions, with increased contact patch, better braking, and superior grip on ice. Winter tires are not just for driving in the snow; because of the rubber blend, winter tires remain soft and pliable in cold temperatures, whereas conventional tires can become hard. DOT-approved. Sold each; recommended to be installed in sets of four.


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