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Open House 2014

October 18th, 2014

It was a beautiful Autumn day for our 40th Anniversary Open House, and we were neither on fire nor rained upon... There were lots of Minis and Mini folk in attendance, as well as members of the local Model A club (apparently there was nothing else going on), and some wander-ins who followed the line of small cars... We enjoyed meeting and chatting with everyone, and sorry to those that didn't win prizes at the Raffle or Mike's Dart Toss game (the walls and door will be patched later in the week)...

"Thank You" to Mr. Verdis Upton for his usual outstanding grilling job, "thank you" to everyone who attended, and an additional "thank you" to all of our customers who have made the past 40 years such a success; see you here next year!

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