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Clip, Door Pocket, Window Trim
Price: $0.95
Item #: ADH3809 -

    Clip retains Mk3 window scraper and also door pocket trim.

    Door Edge Trim, Mk1-Mk2
    Price: $12.95
    Item #: 24A1517 -

      This simple trim was originally fitted the the inside lip of the Mk1 and Mk2 doors, just below the windows and above the interior door handle.

      Door Kick Protector
      Price: $27.95-$55.90
      Item #: 14A7176-77 -

        Stamped aluminum trim to protect the front end of the Mk1-2 door pocket. Sold each, order 14A7176 right side and/or 14A7177 left side. Rivet in place.

        Door Pocket Chrome Trim
        Price: $22.95
        10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM 24.9500
        Item #: 24A1169 -

          A curved metal molding finishes the top edge of the Mk1 and Mk2 door pocket. Fits right or left-hand side.

          Door Window Lower Trim, Right Hand, chrome
          Price: $62.95-$125.90
          Item #: 24A0341/2 -

            Straight chrome molding on the outside of the door as found on Deluxe and Cooper models. Choose right- or left-hand side.

            Mk1-2 Door Window Upper Trim
            Price: $66.95-$133.90
            Item #: 14A9773/4 -

              Stainless steel molding on the outside of the Mk1/Mk2 sliding window. Choose right- or left-hand side.?

              Mk3 Upper Door Trim, Stainless
              Retail: $69.95
              Sale: $55.96-$111.92
              Item #: SBO0167/8 -

                The Mk3 Cooper S model had a stainless trim over the door window, and this is a nice upgrade that can be made to all roll-up window cars. Supplied with fixing rivets; plain doors must be drilled to install.

                PAM1014, end detail
                Price: $25.95-$51.90
                Item #: PAM1014/5 -

                  This outer scraper seal/trim was introduced in 1981 and is generally used to retrofit to earlier Mk3-on cars in lieu of the original version, which did not have rubber safety tips. Choose right- or left-hand side.

                  Outer Door Window Seal/Chrome Trim, Mk3-on, Early
                  Price: $25.95-$51.90
                  Item #: CZH1666/7 -

                    The original design outer door scraper seal/trim which had no rubber safety tips on the ends. If you are accurately restoring a Mk3 car before about 1981, these would be the trims to use. Choose right- or left-hand side.

                    Roof Gutter Trim, black, roll
                    Price: $21.95
                    Item #: MT633 -

                      A black plastic trim to finish the roof gutter edge. This fits pre-1979 cars best, but can be used as a budget replacement for expensive Rover YGA1106/7 roof trims. Sold

                      Roof Gutter Trim, Chrome, Roll
                      Price: $23.95
                      Item #: MT632 -

                        A roll of plastic trim with shiny silver "chrome" insert to cover the rain gutter. It works best with pre-1979 cars which did not come with a rain gutter

                        Window Lower Trim Clip
                        Price: $2.15
                        Item #: 13H0525 -

                          The lower trim strip is held in place by clips which attach to the sheet metal below the window opening.

                          Window Trim Clip, Lower
                          Price: $2.50
                          Item #: 13H0744 -

                            Clip with rivet that holds the stainless steel trim on the upper door frame on Mk1 and Mk2 Cooper S plus Riley Elf.

                            Window Trim Clip, Upper, Aftermarket
                            Price: $2.25
                            Item #: 13H0743 -

                              Round, button shaped clip with an integral rivet, fits in holes around the upper door window frame.

                              Window Trim Clip, Upper, OE
                              Price: $2.49
                              Item #: 13H0743-OE -

                                Clip used to hold the upper window chrome, except at the very bottoms of each leg, where three each of the 13H0744 are used.