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Open House 2012

October 13, 2012

We had a perfect Autumn day this year, which is pretty unusual around here - beautiful sunny not-too-warm blue skies, a crisp cool breeze, and lots of Minis! We had around 40 Minis come in, several hadn't been here before, and many more enthusiastic Mini owners (and wanna-be's!). Big thanks to Nick Upton for providing coffee and donuts, as well as his father Verdis Upton for an outstanding job on the grill! We all had a great time, and hope you did as well; we look forward to seeing you all here again next year!

Here's a link to Norm Nelson's photo album of the event!

The table of shiny sparklies all set up Thanks to Nick Upton for the donutsd and coffee! Thanks to Norm Nelson for the display banner; visit http://www.minithunderhill.com/index.cfm for more event info! The first setups    The arrivals begin Just before the wince-making scraping sound....      The grand lineup  Watch out for that dog! Where do you keep the hoses in this?  Making the shine shinier You can never find a cab when you need one... Tribal extreme Patriotic! A classic Mini.... ... with a matching mini Mini   Claire's “Pokey” Coming in for a safety inspection  Mike Kearney, tracking down some issues  A few new MINIs, in quarantine There were so many Minis, they overflowed into the other parking lot!     I hope this was on purpose! This Mini is rear-engined Hayabusa (motorcycle engine) powered     The Mini police car getting the once-over Everyone wants to see this one    Big thanks to Verdis Upton for an outstanding grilling job!   The lineup for some great tri-tip!   Brownie, on the lookout for floor goodies        Doin' it old school...  How many guys does it take to find an oil leak? Where is it coming from? Aha! Steve's found it.  The end of the day