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1st Motion shaft, 17 teeth, 4 synchro
Price: $50.00
Item #: 22G1093-USED -

    17-tooth 1st motion shaft for 4-synchro remote-shift and early, small bearing rod change transmissions. Used.

    1st Motion Shaft, 3 Synchro (22A0979) clearance, first motion shaft, 1st Motion Shaft, 3 Synchro, 1st Motion Shaft, 3 Synchro (22A0979)
    Price: $149.95
    Item #: 22A0979 -

      First Motion Shaft, B-Type 3-synchro transmission except Cooper. 19 teeth. Check your gear for wear on the small engagement teeth and the inside surface where the needle roller bearing rides.

      Ring & Pinion, 3.1, Used
      Retail: $200.00
      Sale: $176.00
      Item #: STF0038-USED -

        Used set of 3.1 final drive gears

        Bearing and Sleeve Kit, idler gear
        Retail: $39.95
        Sale: $35.16
        Item #: DAM3745 -

          This kit has two functions. It can be used in later gearboxes or flywheel housings with large idler gear to sleeve the holes down to accept the early

          Bearing, 1st gear, 4 synchro
          Retail: $34.95
          Price: $33.95
          Item #: AAU1815 -

            Beginning in 1968, all 4-synchro boxes had a split needle roller bearing under 1st gear.

            Bearing, 1st motion carrier, 3 synchro
            Price: $89.95
            Item #: 2A3709 -

              This is the main bearing that carries the first motion gear in the gearbox case. It is different on 3 syncs compared to 4 sync.

              Bearing, 1st motion carrier, 4 synchro
              Price: $64.95
              Item #: ADU7619 -

                Large bearing that carries the first motion shaft in the gear case starting in 1968-on.

                Bearing, 1st motion gear, inner, to 1979
                Price: $6.95
                Item #: CHM0172 -

                  One if the weak links in the Mini trans is this small bearing inside the 1st motion gear that supports the nose of the main shaft. Very early Minis

                  Bearing, 2nd-3rd Gears, 4-Synchro, Aftermarket
                  Price: $29.95
                  Item #: AAU1816E -

                    Aftermarket version of the split needle roller bearing used under 2nd and 3rd gears in 4 synchros starting in 1968.

                    Bearing, idler gear, 1979-on (AHU1707) Bearing, idler gear, 1979-on, Bearing, idler gear, 1979-on (AHU1707)
                    Price: $20.95
                    Item #: AHU1707 -

                      In 1979, the improvements to the gearbox included enlarging the too-small idler gear pin to .875" diameter and using stronger bearings to support it. These 1.375" OD bearings are found

                      Bearing, idler gear, 4 synchro, to 1979
                      Price: $12.95
                      Item #: 13H7848 -

                        This 1.065" OD bearing supports the .75" pin of the idler gear on 4-synchro trannies up to 1979. Found in both the gearbox casing and flywheel housing, but please verify

                        Bearing, Laygear, Large
                        Price: $11.95
                        Item #: CHM0141 -

                          Two of these are needed in 4 synchro laygears before 1979, and only one for later A+ gears. Fits first motion end of laygear. Sold each.

                          Bearing, Laygear, small
                          Price: $10.95
                          Item #: 88G0396 -

                            Small caged needle roller bearing fits both ends of laygear on 3-synchros and 1st gear end of 4 synchros to 1979. Sold each.

                            Bearing, layshaft and first motion shaft, 1979-on (13H9513) Bearing, layshaft, mainshaft, first motion, 18mm, 1979-on, Bearing, layshaft and first motion shaft, 1979-on (13H9513)
                            Price: $9.95
                            Item #: 13H9513 -

                              Starting in 1979, the layshaft was revised and a new needle roller bearing was fitted at the first gear end. This bearing is also used on the end of the

                              Bearing, Mainshaft, Double-row
                              Price: $69.95
                              Item #: AAU1365-4 -

                                The AAU1365 double row ball bearing supports the mainshaft in the center web of the gearbox. We stock the correct bearing with full-width outer race for best reliability.

                                Bearing, needle roller, 3 synchro
                                Price: $1.55
                                Item #: 22G0149 -

                                  Three-synchro boxes from about 1964 to 1968 used 26 individual needles under both 2nd and 3rd gears. For a thorough overhaul, order 52. Sold each.

                                  Bush, Reverse Gear (2A3475) Bush, Reverse Gear, Bush, Reverse Gear (2A3475)
                                  Retail: $9.95
                                  Sale: $8.76
                                  Item #: 2A3475 -

                                    Bush, Reverse Gear.

                                    Bush, Reverse Gear, Single
                                    Retail: $19.95
                                    Sale: $17.56
                                    Item #: 22G0825 -

                                      Single bushing for reverse Gear. Replaces the two individual bushings originally fitted. Fits 4-Synchro Gearbox.

                                      Central Oil Pick-up, Competition
                                      Price: $69.95
                                      Item #: C-AHT0054 -

                                        The standard Mini oil pick-up pipe is located in the right-hand side of the gearbox. With this improved pipe, you will move the oil pick-up point towards the center of

                                        Circlip, Bearing Retaining, 4-sync and A+
                                        Price: $3.95
                                        Item #: 22G0850 -

                                          Circlip, 097" - .099". 4 Synchro Gearbox

                                          Circlip, Gearbox Double Bearing
                                          Price: $5.95
                                          Item #: ADU4992 -

                                            Circlip, or stop ring, around the AAU1365 double ball bearing on the mainshaft.

                                            Circlip, Laygear Bearing (22G0278) Circlip, Laygear Bearing, Circlip, Laygear Bearing (22G0278)
                                            Price: $4.45
                                            Item #: 22G0278 -

                                              Circlip, Laygear Bearing locating

                                              Circlip, Reverse Lever, Remote Shift
                                              Price: $0.95
                                              Item #: CCN0108 -

                                                Reverse lever to case retaining circlip, remote shift transmissions.

                                                Close Ratio Straight Gear Set, A-plus
                                                Retail: $895.00
                                                Sale: $787.60
                                                Item #: C-STN39 -

                                                  Straight-cut gearset for A+ gearboxes using the standard 1st and reverse gear. The ultimate for high performance street cars or track day events giving nearly the same close ratios as

                                                  Detent Ball
                                                  Price: $1.97
                                                  Item #: BLS0107 -

                                                    Detent Ball. 3 & 4 Synchro Gearbox.

                                                    Detent Sleeve, Rod Change Shift Diff Side Cover, Used
                                                    Retail: $15.95
                                                    Sale: $14.04
                                                    Item #: 22G1870-USED -

                                                      This sleeve locates the detent ball and spring that are used on the horizontal selector rod of the rod change transmission. These parts are found underneath the right-hand diff side cover.

                                                      Detent Spring, Rod Change Side Cover
                                                      Price: $1.50
                                                      Item #: 22G2083 -

                                                        This spring is found under the right-hand diff side cover of a rod change transmission. It applies pressure to the detant ball that locates the shift selector rod.

                                                        Detent Spring, Synchonizer Hub, 4 sync
                                                        Price: $3.25
                                                        Item #: 22G2262 -

                                                          Detent Spring inside of synchro hubs in 4-synchro gearbox. Use six (6) per gearbox. Sold each.

                                                          Drain Plug Washer, Copper
                                                          Price: $1.95
                                                          Item #: AED0172 -

                                                            Copper washer for oil drain plug. Should be replaced every second or third oil change to help prevent drips.

                                                            First Gear Outer Ring, 3 Sync
                                                            Price: $144.95
                                                            Item #: 22G1119A -

                                                              First gear slider 3 Synchro MG Midget. This gear will work in a Mini, but it has a shorter 'nose' - the side that faces the double roller bearing.

                                                              First Gear Slider Assembly, Cone Synchro
                                                              Price: $125.00
                                                              Item #: 22A433 -

                                                                First & second gear slider and hub assembly for 3-synchro cone sychro transmission.? Used on 1959-62 850 Mini and 1961 & 1962 997 Mini Cooper.? New Old Stock.

                                                                First motion shaft (gear), early 3-synchro, straight-cut, 20 teeth
                                                                Retail: $150.00
                                                                Sale: $74.77
                                                                Item #: C-22G427 -

                                                                  Early Special Tuning straight-cut first motion shaft for 3-synchro transmission. This gear has 20 teeth. New-old stock, some in original boxes.

                                                                  First Motion Shaft, 4 Synch, Close Ratio, for A+ Mainshaft
                                                                  Retail: $239.95
                                                                  Sale: $211.16
                                                                  Item #: DAM3167 -

                                                                    Reproduction 18-tooth input shaft for 4-synchro Cooper S ratios. Improved gear; accepts the larger, 18mm bearing and hence must be used with the A+ mainshaft.

                                                                    First Motion Shaft, 4-Synchro
                                                                    Price: $79.95
                                                                    Item #: 22G1093 -

                                                                      First motion, or input shaft, for 4-synchro transmission, including remote shift and pre-A+ rod change. 17 teeth. New old stock.

                                                                      Gear set, crown wheel and pinion, 2.95 (STF0033) Gear set, crown wheel and pinion, 2.95 (STF0033)
                                                                      Retail: $379.95
                                                                      Sale: $334.36
                                                                      Item #: STF0033 -

                                                                        2.95 crown wheel and pinion set. A "tall" final drive like this reduces your RPM at a given speed, so will allow quieter and more economical highway driving. Tooth count

                                                                        Gear, First/Reverse (22G1096) Gear, First/Reverse, Gear, First/Reverse (22G1096)
                                                                        Price: $169.95
                                                                        Item #: 22G1096 -

                                                                          Gear, First/Reverse. 4 Synchro Gearbox. New, aftermarket.

                                                                          Gear, Third 4 Synchro (22G1095) Gear, Third 4 Synchro (22G1095)
                                                                          Retail: $149.95
                                                                          Sale: $131.96
                                                                          Item #: 22G1095 -

                                                                            Third gear, 4 synchro.

                                                                            Gearbox Magnetic Oil Trap
                                                                            Price: $68.95
                                                                            Item #: HPS5 -

                                                                              This is a magnetic oil trap with filter that provides supplementary capture of ferrous particles before they go through the oil pump. It fits in the 2-bolt access cover

                                                                              Gearset, Ultra Close Ratio, Dog Engagement
                                                                              Price: $3,195.00
                                                                              Item #: STF0041 -

                                                                                Developed in the UK by Swiftune and manufactured by renowned gear specialists Quaife. Dog-engagement gear set for rod-change transmission. Tall first gear for rolling starts gives you four useable gears

                                                                                Gearset, Ultra Close Ratio, Dog Engagement, Remote shift
                                                                                Price: $3,195.00
                                                                                Item #: STF0041-REMOTE -

                                                                                  SPECIAL ORDER - CALL FOR CURRENT PRICE AND AVAILABILITY. Developed in the UK by Swiftune. Dog engagement gearset for remote transmission. Tall first gear gives you four useable gears on

                                                                                  Idler gear, 3-synchro, USED (2A3493-USED) Idler gear, 3-synchro, USED (2A3493-USED)
                                                                                  Price: $99.00
                                                                                  Item #: 2A3493-USED -

                                                                                    No longer available new. Good used condition. Part may show some wear. The three synchro idler gear can also be used on 4-synchro with careful spacing of the

                                                                                    Idler Gear, 4-synchro, USED (22G0943-USED) 22g0943, Idler Gear, 4-synchro, USED (22G0943-USED)
                                                                                    Retail: $95.00
                                                                                    Sale: $83.60
                                                                                    Item #: 22G0943-USED -

                                                                                      Idler gear for the pre A+ 4-synchro transmission. No longer available new. Good used condition. Part may show some wear.

                                                                                      Idler Gear, A+, USED (DAM2924-USED) Idler Gear, A+, USED (DAM2924-USED)
                                                                                      Price: $125.00
                                                                                      Item #: DAM2924-USED -

                                                                                        A+ idler gear with large diameter shafts. Good used condition.

                                                                                        Input Gear Retaining Nut (2A3548) Input Gear Retaining Nut, Input Gear Retaining Nut (2A3548)
                                                                                        Retail: $19.95
                                                                                        Sale: $17.56
                                                                                        Item #: 2A3548 -

                                                                                          Secures the input gear to the first motion shaft on all models.

                                                                                          Input Gear, A+
                                                                                          Retail: $99.00
                                                                                          Sale: $87.12
                                                                                          Item #: DAM2925 -

                                                                                            Standard ratio input gear for 1979-on Mini or Metro A+ transmission. 29 teeth. Reproduction part.

                                                                                            Laygear, 13/19/24/28 tooth
                                                                                            Price: $100.00
                                                                                            Item #: 22G0231-USED -

                                                                                              Laygear, 13/19/24/28 tooth. 3 Synchro Transmission. Very good used condition.

                                                                                              Laygear, 4-Synchro Transmission
                                                                                              Price: $179.95
                                                                                              Item #: 22G0927 -

                                                                                                New-Old-Stock standard ratio laygear for 4-synchro remote and early rod change transmission. Tooth count 15, 20, 25, 29.

                                                                                                Laygear, A+ Single Groove, Used
                                                                                                Price: $125.00
                                                                                                Item #: DAM4931-USED -

                                                                                                  Used laygear for the Mini A+ transmission, with single groove identification. This standard ratio laygear was used throughout the range until MPi.