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Price: $132.95
Item #: GCL0204 -

    Ignition coil pack for MPi Mini.

    Idle Air Control Valve "Stepper Motor", MPi
    Price: $219.95
    Item #: MDQ100040 -

      Commonly called the stepper motor, this is actually the idle air control valve (IACV).??It bolts on the side of the injection body housing to control engine idle speed and air

      Inertia Fuel Switch, SPi, MPi
      Price: $59.95
      Item #: WQT100030 -

        Electrically controlled inertial fuel cut off switch for SPi and MPi Mini. Detects sudden deceleration and stops the flow of fuel to the engine.

        Seal, fuel filter, SPi-MPi
        Price: $0.95
        Item #: EDP9976 -

          O-ring seal used when replacing fuel filters on SPi or MPi Minis. Use two (2) per installation. Ballpoint pen not included.

          Throttle Body, MPi
          Price: $349.95
          Item #: ABF622 -

            Replacement for original 48mm throttle body in metal, due to the original plastic ones cracking or deforming. Otherwise a bolt-on replacement for the original one. Photo shown is

            Throttle Cable, 1995-1996 SPi, Left Hand Drive
            Retail: $24.95
            Sale: $21.96
            Item #: SBB102500 -

              54" long throttle cable for the later 1995 and 1996 fuel-injected SPi Mini. Includes cable and outer sheath assembly.

              Throttle Cable, MPi, Left-Hand Drive
              Price: $29.95
              Item #: SBB103720E -

                Throttle cable with threaded end for left-hand drive 1997-on MPi Minis. 38” length.

                Throttle Cable, MPi, RHD
                Retail: $29.95
                Sale: $22.84
                Item #: SBB103400 -

                  Aftermarket throttle cable for right-hand drive MPI Minis.

                  Vacuum Tube, SPi, Air Filter to Manifold
                  Price: $15.95
                  Item #: PHP10043 -

                    Vacuum tube for the single-point injection (SPi) Mini. Runs from the underside of the air filter box to back of the inlet manifold.

                    Vacuum Tube, SPi, Fuel Trap to ECU
                    Price: $23.95
                    Item #: MLH10026 -

                      Fuel vapor intake trap hose on the single-point injection (SPi) Mini. Runs from the ECU to the fuel trap.