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Assorted Upholstery & Accent Products
Price: $32.52-$290.36
Item #: ASST-ACCT -

    Assorted upholstery and interior accent products for the classic Mini and variants

    Reproduction Battery Cover
    Price: $36.95
    Item #: PT3010A -

      The finishing touch for the interior of your trunk is to replace the battery cover. Not only does it look neat and tidy, it also provides extra safety by protecting

      Lower Dash Pad
      Price: $134.95
      Item #: ALA6621 -

        Minis from Mk2-on use this padded lower dash rail. It serves two purposes; it moves the switches closer to the driver?s reach, and prevents barking your shins against the dash.

        Dash Surround, Vinyl
        Price: $21.95
        Item #: DT3028 -

          A roll of vinyl with sufficient material to do upper and lower dash rails and A-posts as was used originally on Deluxe and Cooper models of the Mini.

          Dash Tray Liner, 1970-on
          Price: $31.95
          Item #: DT3076 -

            The dash tray panel under the speedo console was redesigned in 1970, and it required these panels to lay on the floor of this panel so that the soft dash

            Padded dash tray liner, shown in DT3022A black
            Price: $49.95
            Item #: DT3022 -

              Liner fits in the dash tray, and is held in place by the speedo panels. Made of vinyl to match the interior trim color, and has a foam backing as original.

              Dashboard, Burl Walnut, 3+3, Left Hand Drive
              Price: $349.95
              Item #: DASH008 -

                Burl walnut dashboard for left-hand drive, 1984-on Minis. High-gloss finish. Installs over existing 3-gauge cluster, plus accepts three extra gauges in the center.

                Door Check Strap, Vinyl
                Price: $18.95
                Item #: DC3005 -

                  One of the quaint features of the Mk1-2 Mini models was the door check straps to prevent the doors from swinging too far.

                  Door Opening Pull Cable, Mk1-Mk2
                  Price: $44.95
                  Item #: 24A0664 -

                    Pull cable assembly for sliding-window classic Minis to open the door from the inside.

                    Door Pocket Liners, Mk1-Mk2, Pair
                    Price: $32.95
                    Item #: DP3023A -

                      High-quality painted and embossed automotive-quality fiberboard. Supplied in a standard black finish, but can easily be primed and painted alternative colors.

                      Handbrake & Shift Boot Kit, Leather
                      Price: $89.95
                      Item #: SEVK002 -

                        Dress up kit in leather for your interior - this special kit includes the shift boot and handbrake boot in black leather. Shift boot fits Rod Change shifters.

                        Handbrake Boot, Leather
                        Price: $54.95
                        Item #: CK989L -

                          Leather handbrake boot. Fits any Mini. Attaches to carpet with "Velcro" type hook and loop closure. Choose Black (CK989AL) or Grey (CK989PL).

                          Handbrake Boot, Vinyl, Black (CK989A)
                          Price: $39.95
                          Item #: CK989A -

                            Vinyl handbrake boot to over the handbrake lever in any Classic Mini. Attaches to the carpet with "Velcro" type hook-and-loop closure.

                            Vanyl handbrake boot
                            Price: $57.95
                            Item #: CK989 -

                              Vinyl handbrake boot fits over the handbrake lever in any Mini. Attaches to the carpet with "Velcro" type hook-and-loop closure. Made in the U.K.

                              Handbrake Grip, Early
                              Retail: $5.45
                              Sale: $4.80
                              Item #: 13H5541 -

                                The handbrake lever in the Mini doesn't offer much in the way of comfort, but this rubber grip will make it a little nicer on a cold day and looks

                                Interior Door Cappings, Burl Walnut, Set/4
                                Price: $225.00
                                Item #: MSA0191 -

                                  Interior door cappings in burl walnut; compliments similar style dashes (see PMY474 or PMY470). For use on roll-up window doors; screws to the panels just below the door and rear quarter windows. Set of four pieces.

                                  Pillar Cover, Windscreen "A" Post
                                  Price: $22.95
                                  Item #: DT3080 -

                                    99% of all Minis had painted "A" post pillars in all sorts of colours. We have developed a kit (Pair) that fits exactly in this space with the least amount of fitting.

                                    Rear Parcel Shelf, 1996-on
                                    Price: $85.95
                                    Item #: WA3025A -

                                      Carpeted trim panel to cover the rear parcel shelf, below the rear window. As original on 1996-on Minis, but will fit any year Mini Saloon.

                                      Rear Parcel Shelf, Mk3 - black shown
                                      Price: $55.95
                                      Item #: WA3027 -

                                        Vinyl-covered trim panel to cover the rear parcel shelf, below the rear window. As original on Mk3 Minis 1970-1980.

                                        Rear Seat Edge Trim, Grey (24A1276)
                                        Price: $16.95
                                        Item #: 24A1276 -

                                          Rear seat pan edge finisher. Pushes over the metal lip just in front of the rear seat. Reproduced in the original grey color that was used on Mini Saloons up to around 1990.

                                          Rear Seat Pocket Chrome Trim, Left Hand
                                          Price: $23.97
                                          Item #: ALA5829 -

                                            Chrome trim on top edge of rear seat pocket. Left-hand side. Sold each.

                                            Rear Seat Pocket Chrome Trim, Right Hand
                                            Price: $23.97
                                            Item #: ALA5828 -

                                              Chrome trim on top edge of the rear seat side pocket. Right-hand side. Sold each.

                                              Retainer, rod change shift boot
                                              Price: $21.95
                                              Item #: FJN10003 -

                                                Metal retainer for CZH4278 rod change shift boot.

                                                Seat Bracket Set
                                                Price: $9.95
                                                Item #: SSE0051 -

                                                  Pair of aluminum brackets to allow some repositioning of the original seats to obtain more leg room or increased rake. Fit in standard brackets on the crossmember.

                                                  Seat Bracket
                                                  Price: $21.95
                                                  Item #: 24A1495 -

                                                    Seat bracket, attaches to crossmember for seat mounting and fore-aft adjustment. Sold each, two required per seat.

                                                    Shift Boot, 1961-64 997 & 1071 Cooper & S
                                                    Retail: $74.95
                                                    Sale: $65.96
                                                    Item #: 14A9941 -

                                                      Correct gear shift boot for the first remote-shift Minis, the 997 Cooper and 1071 Cooper S. Used from 1961 through 1964.

                                                      Shift Boot, Remote Shift
                                                      Price: $47.95
                                                      5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM 49.95
                                                      Item #: 22A0608E -

                                                        This boot is important as it helps keep exhaust fumes and road grit out of the car. Fits all classic Minis with the round tunnel and remote shifter.

                                                        Shift Boot, Remote Shift, Leather, 1962-73
                                                        Price: $44.50
                                                        Item #: BHH2006 -

                                                          This leather shift boot fits all Mk1, Mk2 and early Mk3 cars built with the early tunnel arrangement, but fitted with the remote control gear change (i.e. not 'Magic Wand'!) which basically brought the gear knob in much easier reach of the driver and made for a faster and more positive gear chang

                                                          Shift Boot, Rod Change
                                                          Price: $49.95
                                                          Item #: CZH4278 -

                                                            Rubber shift boot for rod change transmission Minis, as fitted to cars from 1973-on. This is the right boot for you if your Mini has a flat-top transmission tunnel. Use

                                                            Shift Boot, Rod Change, Leather
                                                            Price: $49.95
                                                            Item #: BHH2005L -

                                                              Luxurious leather shifter boot for all rod change shifters. Long-lasting thick hide with heavy-duty stitching.

                                                              Shift Boot, Black Leather w/ Red, 1990-2000
                                                              Price: $44.50
                                                              Item #: BHH2008 -

                                                                This leather rod change shift boot was fitted to the Mini Cooper range of the 1990-95 period and is available in a choice of colors and with contrasting stitching on some.

                                                                Shift Boot, Rod Change, Vinyl
                                                                Price: $28.95
                                                                Item #: BHH2005AV -

                                                                  Custom shift boot for all rod change shift Minis. Long-lasting vinyl with heavy duty stitching. Black.

                                                                  Shift Boot, Vinyl, 1974-2000
                                                                  Price: $36.95
                                                                  Item #: BHH2000 -

                                                                    This shift boot fits all models from 1974 to 2000 model year. It is held in place by a metal ring which is screwed to the transmission tunnel.

                                                                    Shift Boot, Vinyl, 1990-95 Mini Cooper (Black)
                                                                    Price: $36.95
                                                                    Item #: BHH2002 -

                                                                      This vinyl rod change shift boot was fitted to the Mini Cooper range of the 1990-95 period and is available in a choice of colors and with contrasting stitching on some.

                                                                      Spare Tire Cover
                                                                      Price: $62.50
                                                                      Item #: CK902 -

                                                                        Many early model Minis no longer have the board to cover the spare tire, and the later model cars never used the board. Here is a neat and clean way