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Left-Hand Drive Pedal Conversion Assembly, with Master Cylinder, 1984-on
Price: $595.00
Item #: SEVU0011 -

    Assembly includes the pedal conversion section required to convert 1984-2000 Minis from right-hand drive to left-hand drive, plus the servo/master cylinder section.

    Pedal Assembly, 1976-89, Used
    Price: $150.00
    Item #: SEVU0021-LATE -

      Complete pedal box assembly, containing brake and clutch pedals for right-hand drive Minis. This has the later, larger pedal pads as used on the Mk4 and Mk5 Minis, but can be fitted to Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 models.

      Pedal Assembly, Used, Early (SEVU0021) brake pedal, clutch pedal, pedals, Pedal Assembly, Used, Early (SEVU0021)
      Price: $165.00
      Item #: SEVU0021 -

        Brake and clutch pedal assembly for Mk1-3, good used condition. Slight adjustment to the pedals may be needed when switching driving side. Brake master cylinder hole may need enlarging, depending

        Pedal Pad, Brake & Clutch, 1990-on
        Price: $6.95
        Item #: SZU10001 -

          Revised shape pedal pad introduced in 1990. Fits both brake and clutch. Sold each.

          Pedal Pad, brake and clutch to 75
          Price: $2.45
          Item #: GPR0104 -

            Rectangular rubber pedal pad fits brake and clutch pedals to 1975, and throttle pedal from 1976-on. Black.

            GPR0107 - Pedal Pad, brake and clutch, 1976-90
            Price: $2.95
            Item #: GPR0107 -

              Six-sided rubber pad fits brake and clutch. Sold each.

              Pivot Shaft, brake and clutch pedals
              Price: $61.95
              Item #: 2A5880 -

                Pivot shaft for brake and clutch pedal box assembly.? This part is seldom replaced, but can be damaged if the 2A3034 bushing at the top end of the brake?or clutch

                Sport Pedal Set
                Price: $79.95
                Item #: SAC0052 -

                  Good-looking, oversized, sturdy pedals improve pedal feel; made specifically for the classic Mini, so they're not too big for the small pedal space. Brushed stainless steel.