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Boot, Front Indicator Lamp
Price: $5.25
Item #: 576105 -

    This rubber boot covers the turn signal housing inside the front fender well of the Mini.

    Bulb Holder, front indicator, UK spec
    Price: $14.97
    Item #: 576986 -

      Single function socket for early turn signal lamp, as used on UK cars with parking lamp bulb inside main headlamp. Use with 382 bulb.

      Bulb Holder, front indicator, USA spec
      Price: $14.95
      Item #: 576985 -

        Dual function (turn indicator and parking light) for early "beehive" front indicator lamp, as fitted to non-UK Mini models. Use with 380 bulb. See 576986 for single function socket.

        Bulb, Single Element, Amber
        Price: $3.50
        Item #: GLB343 -

          Single-elment turn-signal bulb in amber; for use with clear or white-colored beehive lenses. Not for use with twin-point Minis (after 1996).

          Bulb, Turn Signal Indicator & Rocker Switches
          Price: $2.95
          Item #: GLB280 -

            Quite possibly the smallest light bulb you'll ever see! Unique style on the early Mini and Morris Minor feature is the stalk-mounted turn signal indicator; 47H5200 is the lens, GLB280

            Clip, front indicator lamp mounting
            Price: $2.20
            Item #: GHF0771 -

              Small spring clip to receive the mounting screw of "beehive" front indicator lamps. Use three (3) per lamp.

              Front Indicator Lamp, 1987-on, amber
              Price: $16.95
              Item #: AFU3389 -

                A different front turn signal was used from 1987-on. The lamp is single function, and bulb 382 is not included. The lens is plastic, and held on by two

                Front Indicator lamp, 1987-on, clear
                Price: $16.95
                Item #: AFU3389W -

                  Late model front single function turn signal lamp assembly with stylish clear plastic lens. Lens is held on with two screws. Bulb (382) not included.

                  Front Indicator Lamp, dual function, plastic
                  Price: $15.95
                  Item #: 1B9100MS -

                    Budget plastic version of beehive front USA-spec dual function turn indicator lamp. Install with three (3) GHF0771 clips per lamp.

                    Front Indicator Lamp, Single Function, Amber
                    Price: $29.95
                    Item #: 56583 -

                      This is the classic beehive front indicator lamp, with amber glass lens and 2-wire bulb socket. As used on European and English spec Mk1 and Mk2 Minis.

                      Front Turn Indicator Lamp, 1997-2000
                      Price: $41.95
                      Item #: XBD100670 -

                        Front turn signal light for 1997-on MPi Rover Mini. Clear glass with amber bulb; includes new screws and base gasket.

                        Front Turn Indicator Lamp, glass lens, dual function
                        Price: $34.95
                        Item #: 52338 -

                          Complete assembly with clear glass lens and chrome retaining ring, USA specification. Dual function (parking and indicator) socket. Sold each. For version with plastic lens, see 1B9100MS. Use 3

                          Indicator Lens Retainer, chrome
                          Price: $4.47
                          Item #: 572734 -

                            Chrome retainer ring that pushes into the rubber lamp body of early beehive front indicator lamps. Sold each. See also lamp assembly 52338.

                            Indicator Switch, MPi
                            Price: $319.95
                            Item #: XPC100200PMP -

                              Steering column indicator (turn-signal) switch for MPI Minis starting in 1996. Mounts on left side. Quality OEM product.

                              Lens Kit, Clear, Front & Side Marker (MSSK028) Lens Kit, Clear, Front & Side Marker (MSSK028)
                              Retail: $38.97
                              Sale: $34.29
                              Item #: MSSK028 -

                                Minis built from about 1986 through 1996 used the front signal lens held on by two screws and push-in side marker lamps. The clear lens kit includes all four

                                Lens, Front Turn Signal, Amber, 1986-on
                                Price: $9.95
                                Item #: CDU3374 -

                                  Late Minis (1986-on) used a larger plastic lens on the front panel turn indicator lamps. These are amber as found in many sales markets, but were also available in clear, often called "white".

                                  Lens, Front Indicator, Beehive, Amber
                                  Price: $15.95
                                  Item #: 54581651 -

                                    Beehive-shaped front indicator lens as found on early Minis. Original glass material.

                                    Lens, Front Indicator, Beehive, Clear
                                    Price: $14.95
                                    Item #: 54581622 -

                                      Front indicator lens, in clear ("white") glass, as found on early Minis. Sold each.

                                      Lens, Front Turn Signal, Clear, 1986-on
                                      Price: $9.95
                                      Item #: CDU3374W -

                                        Late Minis (1986-on) used a larger plastic lens on the front panel turn indicator lamps. This lens is clear, often called "white", and is retained by screws, unlike earlier "bee hive" lens that was held in by a chrome ring.

                                        Lens, Front Turn Signal Assembly, Moke & MG1100
                                        Price: $23.95
                                        Item #: 54570651 -

                                          Clear lens with chrome ring for the front parking light and turn signal assembly, as used on the UK Mini Moke & MG1100 Sedan.

                                          Lens, Indicator Switch, Mk1
                                          Price: $4.95
                                          Item #: 47H5200 -

                                            Green lens at the end of the turn signal stalk on Mk1 Mini models. This lens is often damaged or missing. This unique switch feature was one of the charming

                                            Rear Indicator Lens, Van/Estate, Amber, Used
                                            Price: $35.00
                                            Item #: 54581192-USED -

                                              Amber indicator lens for the Mini Van and Estate Wagon; fits right or left side. Used, but in good condition

                                              Rear Indicator Lens, Left Hand, Mk1, amber
                                              Price: $15.95
                                              Item #: 54570466 -

                                                Upper amber indicator lens for left-hand side of Mk1 rear stop/tail lamp assembly. Genuine Lucas is normally stocked.

                                                Rear Indicator Lens, LH, Mk1, red
                                                Price: $39.95
                                                Item #: 54571013R -

                                                  Upper (indicator) portion of Mk1 rear tail lamp lens. Early models in the U.S. used this red lens. Left-hand side.? See 54571012R for right-hand side.

                                                  Rear Indicator Lens, RH, Mk1, amber
                                                  Price: $15.95
                                                  Item #: 54570451 -

                                                    Upper amber indicator lens for right-hand side of Mk1 rear stop/tail lamp assembly. Genuine Lucas is normally stocked.

                                                    Rear Indicator Lens, RH, Mk1, red
                                                    Price: $39.95
                                                    Item #: 54571012R -

                                                      Upper (indicator) portion of Mk1 rear tail lamp lens. Early models in the U.S. used this red lens. Right-hand side.? See 54571013R for left-hand side.

                                                      Turn Signal Column Switch, Mk2
                                                      Price: $81.95
                                                      Item #: 39384 -

                                                        Steering column switch for turn signal, headlamp high/low beams, flasher and horn push for Mk3 Mini to 1976. Complete with wiring harness and plug.

                                                        Turn Signal Flasher, 2 Terminals,1969-92, Heavy Duty
                                                        Price: $15.95
                                                        Item #: GFU2124E -

                                                          Round body signal flasher switch as found on many Mini models. Two (2) male terminals. Heavy duty.

                                                          Turn Signal Flasher, 3 terminals
                                                          Price: $14.95
                                                          Item #: GFU2103 -

                                                            Turn signal flasher switch, as typically found on early Minis. Has three (3) spade connections. Aftermarket manufacturer.

                                                            Turn Signal Switch, Combo 1990-96
                                                            Price: $89.95
                                                            Item #: 35483 -

                                                              Fitted from about 1990 until 1996 Twin Point Injection cars, this switch controls horn, headlamp flash and turn signals. Genuine Lucas.

                                                              Turn Signal Switch, left-hand drive, 1976-1989
                                                              Price: $89.95
                                                              Item #: 30445 -

                                                                Multi-function turn signal switch for left-hand drive (LHD) Minis 1976 to 1989. Mounts on left side of column. Includes dimmer and horn controls.

                                                                Turn Signal Switch, Mk1
                                                                Price: $119.95
                                                                Item #: 31945 -

                                                                  Early Minis featured a nifty turn signal switch with the green reminder blinker fitted in the end of the lever. These are remade from modernized Lucas tooling. Harness fitted.

                                                                  Turn Signal Switch, right-hand drive 1976-on
                                                                  Price: $79.95
                                                                  Item #: 30443 -

                                                                    21A2658 multi-function turn signal/horn/flasher switch for right-hand drive Minis from 1976-1989. Mounts on right side of column.

                                                                    Wire Harness, 1997-on front turn indicator
                                                                    Retail: $17.95
                                                                    Sale: $15.80
                                                                    Item #: XBD100670PLUG -

                                                                      Socket and wiring pigtail for front turn indicator lamps for 1997-2000 MPi Rover Mini.