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Open House 2013

October 12, 2013

Once again, we lucked out with our chancy Autumn weather, with clear blue skies, bright sun, and not-too-chilly temperatures; we had somewhere around 45 Minis and over a hundred Mini people in attendance! Mr. Verdis Upton did his usual great job with the grilling (outstanding tri-tip), and Nick Upton provided coffee and doughnuts (thank you both!). Miniology played music and broadcast their podcast live, and actually managed to drag our own Mike Kearney and Jack Holdaway over for interviews (thanks Norm and crew)! We had a great time seeing all the Mini folks, and hope that those who attended had a good time as well; as usual we look forward to seeing you all here again next year!

Dave gives Claire a hand setting up The Miniology team getting set up These are all the Minis that Mike's working on in our Service Department More setup for Miniology! Nick Upton with the doughnuts! Hey, that's not a Mini! More setup What's in there? A little red not-Mini! A Mini swerving through the parking lot speed-bump slalom The first inspection of the day Seven's El Presidente, Michael Abramson, taking a look at something Claire shows the... rock, or small boulder... found embedded in the exhaust pipe Verdis Upton did his usual outstanding grilling job - he brought extra tri-tip this time, and there was practically nothing left when everyone was done...  (Photo: Norm Nelson) Lunchtime! Jack attacted a crowd for his Mini knowledge and his un-dead status (heart attack recovery = practically full!)... Doug Peterson (left) and Seven's Mike Kearney (center), getting interviewed for the Miniology podcast Doug makes his escape, leaving Mike behind Jack finally gets dragged over for a Miniology interview This Mini was too low for the lift, and had to be jacked up Dave Lindsay with his own crowd of admirers End of the day, and we wave goodbye to the Miniology team as they head out Mike gives this Mini one last tweak