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Keeping classic Minis on the road since 1974

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SU Carburettor High Performance Manual
Price: See Amazon.com

Item #: SBK0213 -

    By Des Hammill in the SpeedPro series. This expert guide to building and modifying SU carburetors to suit high performance applications contains detailed information on: preparation; inlet manifolds; single, twin,

    The Last Works Minis: The End of a Legend
    Price: See Amazon.com

    Item #: SBK0211 -

      By Purves and Brenchley. This book sets out to complete the untold recent history of the mighty "works Mini" in international motorsport. How the Mini came to be in Monte

      How To Power Tune Mini on a Small Budget, 2nd Ed.
      Price: $35.00

      Item #: SBK0226 -

        shows you how to improve classic Mini performance and gain maximum road performance for minimum money

        The Essential Mini Buyers Guide
        Price: See Amazon.com

        Item #: SBK0155 -

          Having this book in your pocket is just like having a real marque expert by your side. Benefit from the author's (Mark Paxton) years of Mini ownership, learn how to

          MINI 50 Years
          Price: See Amazon.com

          Item #: SBK044A -

            By Rob Golding. The full story of the Mini from its initial launch in the late 1950s through the BMW-built 2006 version.

            Anatomy of the Classic Mini
            Price: See Amazon.com

            Item #: SBK0232 -

              This book is the result of years of research, and comprises almost 2000 photos showing these component variations, with captions explaining which Mini model and date each was originally designed for.